Totally Biased Top 10: The Man Crush, Anniversary Round II

Justin breaks down his latest, and greatest, List of Guys He’d Go Gay For I’m a very firm believer, now more than ever, that there comes a time in every man’s life, when he stops, takes a step back, and evaluates his entire life. Sometimes, it looks kosher. Other times, not so much. Call it … Continue reading

A Totally Biased Review: The Avengers

Greatest. Movie. Ever. No. Really. Greatest. Movie. Ever. That’s right, kids. The bearded wonder himself has returned to give you something actually worthwhile  to read on this God forsaken site. And what better to read about than the newest movie in-line to become the greatest, most amazingly spectacularly epic movie of all time? Ok. Fine. … Continue reading

A Totally Biased Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

It’s everything a sequel should be: funnier, faster, bigger, and just plain better than its terrific predecessor. The strength of certain genres is usually found within the requisite parts for their respective idioms. For example, any sports film is only as good as the underdog-turned-superstar at the center of the story, as well as the overwhelming … Continue reading

Totally Biased Top 10: The Man Crush

Travis and Justin each break down a list of five hot guys I’ll tell you right now, it’s not very often I have nothing to say about something, but when Travis first told me that one of his first planned articles was his “Top 5 Hollywood Man Crushes,” I couldn’t think of a single goddamn … Continue reading