About the Website, and it’s Authors

Totally Biased features three main authors, Justin Yattaw, Kris Kauffman, and myself, Travis Rand. Below, you will find a short explanation on how the website came to be, and a little bit about both authors.

Totally Biased

Totally Biased came to be exactly how any other blog might enter the blogosphere.

After countless hours, spent over about two years, discussing sports, food, movies, music, and television, it became abundantly clear that an outlet was necessary for the three of us to voice our opinions, while also getting feedback from friends, family, and most importantly, strangers! I don’t mean the scary kind, you know, the ones waiting with a chloroform soaked rag behind that garbage can you walk by every day, I mean the nice, sweet strangers, who wait outside parks with big white vans, a lack of windows, and some candy for the kids.

Travis Rand, Junior at the University of Southern Maine

Not much to really say here, but I have a younger brother named Nathan, who is currently in high school. I primarily live with my mom, but I see my Dad as often as possible

If you think I look like a pompous douche bag, that’s because I am.

I’m currently dating a girl named Adrienne, whom will most likely be referred to as “Adie”, or, most likely from Justin, “Ninety/90”. I can be myself around her, I trust her 100%, and the communication is excellent. With those three things, I really don’t know what else I need.

As for food, movies/television, sports, or music, I’m pretty flexible with most of them except for sports. I was born in Watertown, New York, and I root for all the Big Apple teams. The Giants are by far my passion, as is the NFL as a whole, with the Yankees following in a close second. I root for the Knicks, but don’t watch them nearly as often as I’d like. Syracuse basketball is up there for me, and I know that would surprise most of the people I hang out with, as I don’t talk NCAA basketball much. As for college football, my Dad pulled me onto the Oklahoma Sooners right before Sam Bradford’s freshman season.

For movies I really like just about anything. I recently started watching the Lars Von Trier movies, which are really good [Dancer in The Dark, Anti Christ (Starring Willem Dafoe), Dogville (Nicole Kidman), etc.].  Television, I’ve really fallen off the map. With school and work, there is simply not enough time for me to get caught up. If my television ever leaves ESPN anyway, it’s only go watch Sunday Night Football on NBC.

For food, it gets a little tricky. I am insulin resistent, so I really have to try and stay away from the sugar, but can’t always do so.

To sum it all up, if it’s played in New York, I like it, if it has Leonardo DiCaprio, I’ll watch it, and if Justin throws it on a grill, I’m eating it.

Justin Yattaw, Esteemed High School Graduate, Painter for Hire, and Customer Service Representative 

No, no, no. There’s no need to worry about me. She went straight back into her cage.

This’ll be short and sweet. Just the way ya motha likes it, Trebek.

I work at Shaw’s, with Travis on occasion, where I rock faces day in and day out. I never went back to college because I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I don’t really need to plug the people in my life: if you’re reading this, it’s because I cared enough to tell you it was here. And now that you’re here, I hope you find something to enjoy.

I like games (mostly any), movies (anything but romantic comedies), music (metal, hard rock, some indie stuff), food (food… I’m hungry), and sports (almost strictly New England based teams, in case you couldn’t tell). I work as an artist when I can, play 3 instruments, and write here for fun. I’m a harsh critic, and generally when I say something is bad, you can take it with a grain of salt. Generally. I also love a deep conversation: theological beliefs, metaphysical theories, art history, symbolism, even just reading into the psychological or subconscious aspects of every day happenings, it’s all good to me.

Make sure to check back here for my awesome opinions and for Travis’… well… for whatever it is Travis says. You won’t regret it. At least not checking back for my awesome opinions. I won’t speak about… whatever it is Travis says.

For now, that’s all there is, folks. You stay classy, Internet. And thanks for stopping by.

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