Fast Five: Who Won February?

A new article format debuting today, Travis hits us with some quick hits, ranging from topics in pop culture like movies, music, television, interpretive dance, competitive kayaking, and sorcery… but usually just those first three.

Today’s Topic: Who won the month of February?

5. Better Call Saul

Well, five episodes in and AMC’s Breaking Bad prequel is absolutely on FIRE. The series is hitting all of it’s marks, which makes you realize, that any doubts you had were squashed, because, well, Vince Gilligan and Co. are like magical TV wizards who can do no wrong.

So far it looks like we’re in store for a sh*t load of awesome BB cameos and crossovers, to go hand in hand with Mr. McGill’s stunningly bad life decisions, all of which will eventually lead him to become one of our favorite characters, Saul Goodman.

The dark undertones are still alive and well, and the desert is still as flat and expansive as when we last said goodbye to good ol’ Walt. This difference with this trip through the ABQ is the comedic pinch, which is distributed perfectly across each and every episode. With the show in mid-season form already, and the first episode becoming the most watched debut in history, it’s clearly time to hop on the wagon before we start kickin’ bitches off.

It’s THAT good. Trust me.

No slippin’ Jimmy, there. Scouts honor.

Saul Goodman

4. Lady Gaga

Gaga is straight up ballin’ right now. She literally cannot be stopped. In a month that a rival pop-singer hit the Holy Grail by performing in the SUPER BOWL, Gaga still comes out on top.

On a night that Katy Perry, Meagan Trainor, Iggy Azalea, and even Music Industry Jesus (Taylor Swift) leave empty-handed, Gaga took home the Grammy for which she was nominated, and then proceeded to jazz it up in a great performance with Tony Bennett. Nine days later she’s engaged, and another five days later she’s made Julie Andrew’s speechless.

Then, just when it seemed like Gaga had maybe decided to relax for a bit, we find out she’s the leading lady for American Horror Story’s fifth season.


3. The New England Patriots

Following a public execution thanks to what appears to be some extremely shoddy reporting, and a (SHOCKING) lack of control from the commissioner and his office, the Patriots responded by winning their 4th Super Bowl in the last 15 years. A thrilling, last second victory over the Seattle Seahawks that will forever be playing in Pats fans heads for at least the next six months, and let’s be honest, probably a lot longer.

For the first time, I found myself not necessarily rooting FOR the Pats, but it wasn’t as if I was rooting against them, either. The scale was quickly tipped in favor of the Pats fans, when their executioners became far more insufferable. The Patriots we’re going to be better than your team no matter what. That’s what happens when you land a top five coach and player at almost the exact same time (another reason the Spurs and Patriots will always have some sort of weird link that nobody really talks about… well, besides the fact that people actually like Pop and Duncan).

But it’s not only their Super Bowl victory that lands them on the list, it’s the picture of Rozay and Kraft at the after-party, it’s the Super Bowl parade for the ages, and it’s the fact that Tom Brady is now the best to ever to do it.

Anything else, TFB?

Hi Mom

2. Hip-Hop

To understand what the month of February meant for hip-hop and it’s fans, we must first look back at 2014, and how much it sucked… Like… what the f*ck 2014, you REALLY SUCKED. Rolling Stone’s top 5 Hip-Hop albums, in order, are Run The Jewels 2, YG’s ‘My Krazy Life’, Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pinkprint’, The Rich Gang Collab, and Future’s ‘Honest’.

That’s disgusting. RIP 2014, never to be talked about again. I cleanse thee.

Bam. Back to our happy place, February 2015.

Kendrick dropped a new song from his sophomore album (The Blacker The Berry) ,  Drake f*cked around and dropped an entire project, and even Big Sean got in on the action with the release of his third studio album, Dark Sky Paradise. Toss in a few sound-clips from some classic Yeezy interview’s, plus, the reveal of his new album title (So Help Me God), and we have the recipe for success.

Oh, and of course the Brit performance that only the college dropout could pull off.

1. Marvel Studios

Spider-Man is back

‘ Nuff said.


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