Fantasy Fact Smack: Thursday Night Preview

When Geno Smith and the New York Jets roll into Foxboro tonight, they’ll be carrying the weight of a five game losing streak, a struggling quarterback under center, and a head coach who’s seated most firmly in the hot seat.

The Patriots will be in much better spirits than Gang Green, having dismantled the Bills last Sunday, and having golden-boy Tom Brady return to top form. Without Stevan Ridley and Jerod Mayo, both lost to injuries, it will be a change of pace for the Patriots, and it will be interesting to see how they respond. 

My money is on, by winning.

Let’s take a look at who might be a top performer tonight. Only two facts for you kiddo’s, enjoy the game and check back for this week’s full version on Saturday!

Last Week Results

Storm Johnson? TD, 8 total fantasy points. Check
LeSean McCoy? 149 rushing yards, season high. Check
Giants WR’s? Yikes. Cruz goes down, G-Men shut out. Swing and a miss.
Rapid Fire? Cordarrelle Patterson still flounders, Sammy Watkins gets stuck on Revis Island #NoPaddle, Dez Bryant? I’ll take it, I suppose. Golden Tate? Targets were there (12), the yards were not (44… yuck). Finally, Jeremy Maclin did was next to non-existent, and I end it on a good note.

All in all, I’d say thats a B- for week six. Better, we must get.

1. Three career games vs NYJ = 25 fp

Trying to predict the running game of the New England Patriots, but with Ridley lost for the season, it will be interesting to see how the Pats use Shane Vereen, Brandon Bolden, and James White. I think Bolden will see his carries increase the most, but Vereen’s value in fantasy leagues is certainly on the rise as well, even with his pitiful average shown above. With the wet and sloppy weather in Foxboro tonight, look for Vereen to add a few more catches than he has been giving you the last few contests.

I like Vereen as an RB2 tonight in PPR leagues, and think he can hit 15 points, with a ceiling of 20. If he can find room to operate, he might even be able to double those numbers above.

2. 8 catches – 103 yards / game

If there’s anyone on the Jets that might even sniff being fantasy relevant might be their rookie TE, Jace Amaro. A product of Texas Tech, Amaro isn’t some flash in the pan. He’s the real deal, as evidenced by his per game numbers during his final season at TTU, and Geno might finally be on to him. Better late than never, I suppose.

Coming off his first career game with double digit catches, Amaro is a name to keep on your radar if you’re one of many teams that could be experiencing a TE problem (lookin’ at you, Jimmy Graham owners). Friendly reminder, again, there’s some nasty weather out there, so Geno might not be able to find much on the outside, couple that with the Mayo injury, and Amaro might terrorize the middle of the field.

Enjoy the game readers, and remember, start your studs!

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