Fantasy Fact Smack: Is LeSean McCoy Primed for a Big Week 6?

I don’t think it’s crazy to say that I enjoy the sound of my own voice.

I’ve always enjoyed a friendly debate, and can often argue both sides of the same question. My fondest high school memories are from being on stage emceeing the talent shows, or watching people go psycho from the front of a big pep rally. Being good with words is often underrated, until you get in the real world.

In college, I would always love the film critique classes I took, and nothing got me happier than having a piece due for creative writing. Why? Because if you give me a five page assignment, I know by the end of it, with enough supporting facts, I can make you start to see things from my side.

In fantasy football, all that is thrown in the garbage can. People need facts. You can only twist numbers so far before it just, well, doesn’t work. I mean, even I can’t dress up Hakeem Nicks’ terrible start to the season (102 out of 106 rated WR’s on Pro Football Focus), and no amount of sugar-coating can cover up the atrocity that is the last three weeks of production, or lack thereof,  from Philly’s lead dog, LeSean McCoy (53 carries, 120 yards).

Remember, numbers don’t lie, and they certainly don’t care about your fantasy record. Fear not though reader, for I do. Hopefully the facts below can make your roster decisions on Sunday just a bit easier.

Sometimes you don't have to be the prettiest girl at the ball, you just have to be the only girl.

Sometimes you don’t have to be the prettiest girl at the ball, you just have to be the only girl.

1. 53 carries – 143 yards – 1 TD’s

Toby Gerhart and Jordan Todman simply can’t get the motor going in Jacksonville. Combining for a YPC under three is never good, and the teal and gold backfield finds themselves way down at 2.69, which would rank 49th out of 52 RB’s

The Jaguars have to know neither ball-carrier is the future of their team, but there’s still a question mark hanging over Storm Johnson, the rookie from the University of Central Florida, taken by Jacksonville in the 7th round of May’s NFL draft. Coming in at 6′ and 220 pounds, Johnson is a traditional runner who can deliver some damage on the way. With Toby Gerhart being ruled out for Sunday’s contest, it looks like their might be a storm on the horizon. 

I know, I know. I’ll see myself out.

2. 199 touches, 1022 total yards, 4 TD’s

LeSean McCoy is near the top of the list for Most Disappointing Players of 2014. Not exactly a list Shady would be proud to be recognized for. However, as evidenced by the numbers above, McCoy has eaten up the Giants for over 100 yards per game in their 10 total contests.

Trust me, the good signs don’t stop there. Big Blue, coming off a three game winning streak, can’t seem to contain opposing backs to save their lives. Sure, the run defense has been good, 10th in the NFL actually, but stopping those backs from catching passes is something different entirely, as the Giants have allowed 393 receiving yards to RB’s, ranking 32nd in the league. Last time I checked there were still only 32 teams, so the G-Men bring up the rear on that one.

If McCoy is going to find his groove anytime soon, my bet is on Sunday evening against the Giants.

Beckham could join a long list of relevant fantasy wide receiver's that have caught passes from Eli Manning.

Beckham could join a long list of relevant fantasy wide receiver’s that have caught passes from Eli Manning.

3. 27 fppg (fantasy points per game) since Week 2, 4th in the NFL among QB’s

Even with McCoy and Sproles finding room to operate on Sunday doesn’t mean the guys on the other side of the field won’t put up some video game numbers of their own. Eli Manning has been on fire since he’s been integrated more and more into OC Bob McAdoo’s West Coast offensive scheme, and all of his toys are finally out of the box. I’m of course talking about Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants first round pick who has found himself omitted from the injury report for the first time all season.

Philly can’t stop anyone through the air, ranking last in terms of points allowed to opposing QB’s, and WR’s. I like all the Giants on Sunday night, Victo Cruz, Rueben Randle (1st in the NFL in red-zone targets – 5), and yep, even Beckham. Don’t be scared, he was more open than anyone knew on Sunday against the Falcons. Don’t forget about Andre Williams, either. The poetic ball carrier from BC is going to be handed the keys to the car on Sunday evening, with Rashad Jennings being forced to miss a few weeks with an MCL sprain. Williams has TD’s in his last two games, and I’m hedging my bet on three in a row come Monday morning.

4. WR Rapid Fire!

Cordarrelle Patterson: Of Teddy Throwsevelt’s 51 passes this season only four have gone Patterson’s way. Let his first big game come from your bench before you keep getting burned.
Sammy Watkins: Revis Island has only allowed 14 catches this year, and I don’t think he’s ready to get beat by a rookie. A back-up plan might be in order for your WR2.
Golden Tate:  The Minnesota Vikings don’t have a defensive back ranked in the top 32, and with no Megatron, Stafford will look Tate’s way plenty. Should be in for a huge day, especially in PPR formats
Dez Bryant: 4 INT’s by opposing defenses when Romo targets Dez, which is tops in the league. This is good. Don’t worry about Sherman, who won’t be on Dez exclusively anyway, because Romo clearly doesn’t shy away from forcing the ball
Jeremy Maclin: The Giants have 3 CB’s ranked in the top 19 on PFF, so does it matter who’s covering Maclin? Have to start your studs, but you can’t love this match-up

Good luck in week 6 ladies and gents, and remember, the numbers CAN’T lie!

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