Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 14

Greetings, NFL Fans. Can you believe it’s already Week 14? I can’t. This has been the best 14 weeks in my most recent 14 weeks of life, yet, the next 7-8 weeks could be even better. Why is that you ask? I mean, do I have to tell you? It’s playoff time, stupid!  With just 4 weeks to go in the regular season, the playoff races are getting tighter and tighter.

In the AFC, the Ravens have not made it easy on themselves by dropping a game to Charlie Batch and the Steelers. With that loss, the Ravens fall to the #3 seed and allow the Patriots to jump up to the #2 seed, based on their record against AFC opponents. With the Patriots, Broncos and Ravens all at 9-3, every win and every loss is huge.

The NFC got a bit of a shakedown, last week, with San Francisco, Chicago and the Giants all losing. Chicago’s loss to Seattle, 23-17 in OT, paved the way for the Packers to overtake the lead in the divison and the #3 seed. Also not making things easy on themselves was the 49ers. After ending a game in a tie, against the Rams, in Week 10, the 49ers dropped a game to the same St. Louis team 16-13 in OT. The loss puts them just one game ahead of the surging Seahawks and awfully close to losing their #2 seed and 1st-round bye.

Gosh, I love the NFL.

There is NO bigger game this season than the Texans-Patriots game on Monday Night Football. The 11-1 Texans will head to Foxboro to take on the 9-3 Patriots and All-World QB Tom Brady. #1 seed vs #2 seed. Offense vs Defense. JJ (S)Watt vs TFB. Do NOT miss this game.


Season Scoreboard and This Weeks Picks

Travis: — [135-56-1] — 68%
Kris: —-– [118-69-1] — 61%



Andre Johnson

Game of the Year. No doubt about it.

The 11-1 Texans are on a collision course with the red-hot, 9-3 Patriots in Foxboro. The AFC’s, and arguably the NFL’s,  two best teams are going to battle it out on MNF in a game meant for the playoffs. The Patriots #1 ranked offense will take on JJ Watt and the #5 ranked defense in a battle of the ages!

Okay, okay.. I might be building this game up a little TOO much, but this is definitely the Game of the Year. Both teams have high-powered offenses and both rank among the best in takeaways. Both teams have the most balanced offenses in the league as both rank 10th or higher in Passing Yards per Game and Rushing Yards per Game. Although, Houston has a tremendous advantage on defense.

One thing sets the Patriots apart from Houston. The biggest difference-maker in this game. That’s Tom Brady. Brady is 10-1 on Monday Night Football and since 2001, the Patriots are an NFL-best 42-5 in December. Numbers dont lie, yo. Theres no chance Im picking Houston. I mean, Tom Brady is at home, in December, on MNF against the NFL’s best team? Yeah, I like our chances, Tom.

Trav: Houston Texans

Kris: New England Patriots


Murderers Row Begins: New Orleans travels to Met-Life


The Giants have played some excellent football this season, and they should definitely be happy with some of the results. They traveled to San Fran and dismantled their vaunted defense. A few weeks later they hosted the Packers explosive offense, and somehow only allowed 10 points, and put up a monstrous 38. Last week against Washington, they should be happy that they only allowed 17 points. What they should NOT be happy about are the plethora of penalties, which is very rare for a Coughlin team.

This week, the Giants take on New Orleans, in what is the beginning of a brutal stretch. Next week, Big Blue has to travel to Atlanta to take on the red-hot Falcons, and then again pack their bags for a huge game against Baltimore.

This week however, I feel as if the Giants are primed to get a much needed victory. The Redskins and Cowboys are both baring down on the G-Men, and a big win over Drew Brees and company will go a long way to keep the rest of the NFC East at bay. 

It’s December. Drew Brees isn’t playing in a dome. I like the Giants chances.

Trav: New York Giants
Kris: New York Giants


Adrian Peterson has his sights set on 2000 yards


Don’t let anyone fool you. The most impressive return from an ACL injury is Adrian Peterson’s. Don’t get me wrong, Wes Welker’s is up there. But when you’re asked to touch the ball 18 times a game, sometimes take 3-4 shots on each play, and STILL manage to destroy your competition, well, it doesn’t get much better.

I am a devout Oklahoma Sooners fan, and Peterson is unquestionably my favorite player who isn’t wearing Blue and White. He is truly a marvel to behold, and we should feel lucky that he came along, because he has given us “the” running back for our generation. The way he refuses to go out of bounds to avoid hits, the way that his work ethic is up there with some of the greatest, even the way he fought tooth and nail against the assault charges he fought this summer [Peterson swore innocence, and virtually every witness said he did nothing wrong. The charges were later thrown out].

However, there’s a reason that I can only highlight Peterson. The Vikings are just plain bad. They had to put Percy Harvin on IR this week, and it will be tough to beat Chicago, even in the dome. I can’t see Cristian Ponder doing enough to confuse the Bears, who will surely stack the box against AD. Bears squeak one out.

Trav: Chicago Bears
Kris: Minnesota Vikings


Robert Griffin lucks out, and will face a depleted Baltimore defense


I don’t get it. 

I don’t think I ever will.

HOW exactly, is anyone supposed to stop RG3?

What I watched on Monday Night wasn’t a football game, it was a clinic. Griffin ran the pistol offense about as well as anyone could, and once they started busting off six or seven yards a clip, there was no way that the Giants were going to be able to slow him down. 

Let’s not forget about Alfred Morris, the rookie from Florida Atlantic, who has already surpassed 1,000 yards, and will probably aim somewhere around the 1400-1500 mark, which would be incredible. The Redskins have a porous secondary, but they control the clock extremely well.

The Ravens on the other hand are about as banged up as anyone could be. Ray Lewis is aiming to make his return shortly, but another defensive stud, Terrell Suggs, reportedly has a torn bicep. It’s looking grim for Baltimore, and although the post-season is square in their sights, I don’t see them stopping the phenom that is Robert Griffin III.

Trav: Washington Redskins
Kris: Washington Redskins



I got good news and bad news for you, Chargers’ fans. Good news first! Norv Turner is NOT going to be the coach of the San Diego Chargers at the end of the season. Bad news. The Chargers are in second place in the division. Wait, thats not so bad, right? Well, it is, when you’re 5.5 games out of first place, with 4 games to go and have to play the 7-5 Steelers.

The Steelers 5th-string QB Charlie Batch lead a clutch, game-winning drive against the Ravens, last week, that should have Steelers fans optimistic for the Playoffs. With Ben Roesthlisberger returning to the line-up and an under-performing Chargers team coming to town, expect Pittsburgh to make a strong push towards January.

Trav: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kris: Pittsburgh Steelers



Say what you will about Tony Romo, but dont say he’s not a good quarterback. I mean, the guy hasn’t thrown an INT since Week 12! A whole 2 weeks since his last INT. Thats better than that Tom Brady guy! He threw one just last week! Okay, was that too harsh? Nah!

Andy Dalton will welcome, with open arms, Mr. Romo and the ‘Boys on Sunday. Both teams are fighting for a Wild-Card spot in the playoffs and with just 4 games remaining, each game is critical. During the Bengals current 4 game winning streak, they have averaged 28.2 points per game and over 350 yards per game. Dallas’ 11th ranked defense will be an excellent test for the Bengals and better prepare them for the playoffs.

I’m taking the Bengals to win this because although their offense is ranked as one of the best in the league, Cincinnati’s defense has quietly become one of the best in the league. Dallas just doesnt have enough to knock off the Bengals at home. Bengals win.

Trav: Dallas Cowboys

Kris: Cincinnati Bengals

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