Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 13

The flagship series is back, bigger and better than ever

There are only a handful of things that have taken a brief leave of absence, only to come back bigger, better, faster, stronger, and… well… God. Damn. Fresh.

And by handful of things, I really only mean the Totally Biased NFL Picks. One of our flagship franchises, Kris Kauffman and I pride ourselves on being experts at what we do. Many of our loyal readers know exactly what to find here, but there are quite a few changes. Instead of wasting our time with pictures and write-ups covering EVERY NFL game, we’ve chosen to stick to the formula of six. 

The formula of six is as follows. On any given week, we’ll highlight the Patriots and Giants game, as well as four others. We’ll do our best to get an even split of NFC and AFC games, but rest assured, whatever games are the giving you the biggest headache, you’ll be able to find our advice here.

Don’t worry though, the leader board is still intact, and ‘Kris and I will be picking each and every game, except now you can view them all on the handy dandy spreadsheet found at the top of every article. The Lock of the Week will be making a triumphant return next season, and we promise it will be bigger and better, where we at Totally Biased will invite the general public to get in on the action!

So there ya have it, it’s still here, and as clean and simple as ever. Feedback is always appreciated guys and girls!


*Justin Yattaw will be doing Kris’ writeups this week, and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!*


Season Scoreboard and This Weeks Picks

Travis: — [126-49-1] — 71%
Kris: —-– [108-65-1] — 60%

While Kris and Travis agree on many of the big ticket games, a few less appealing games have them going in separate directions.


NFC South Showdown: The Saints take on Matty Ice

Travis: We are finally blessed with an excellent game on tap this Thursday night, when the struggling Saints travel to the dirty south to take on the NFC’s darling Atlanta Falcons.

The game is enormous for Nawlins, who needs to finish strong to have any chance of getting an important wildcard slot in the tough NFC. Coming off a big loss to the Niners, Drew Brees will have to keep his jersey a little cleaner to have any chance of boarding a plane late Thursday night with a smile on his face. Thankfully, the offensive line will have a much easier time this week, since there are no Aldon Smith’s or Patrick Willis’ on the Falcons roster.

On the Atlanta side of the coin, you have to imagine that Julio Jones and Roddy White are licking their chops at facing the porous New Orleans defense. But honestly, what game are the Atlanta coaches watching? You can’t convince me that Michael Turner is a better option in this pass happy offense than the quick and nimble Jacquizz Rodgers.

All in all, I can’t see New Orleans escaping with a victory. However, I do believe they’ll put up a strong fight, and put up some serious numbers on offense. The Atlanta offense will be too much to handle though, and the Birds should escape with their 11th victory.

Trav: Atlanta Falcons
Kris: Atlanta Falcons

Patriots Special: The AFC East is in Tom Brady’s Sights

Justin: Being a Pats fan, you may find it a little strange to hear me say this, but honestly? As putrid as some of the NFC conferences are, the AFC East is pretty God awful. The New England Patriots notwithstanding, of course.

Every year, we hear the same bullshit: “Oh, the Bills added all sorts of talent to their roster, they’ll finally be able to compete with the Patriots!” “This is going to be a strong season for the Jets, and they’ll definitely be competing for the AFC East Title!”

And yet, as usual, here we are. The Bills big-time acquisitions haven’t paid the dividends they were hoping for, the Jets’ toxic locker room has corroded the entire teams play, and the Dolphins are… well… Still the Dolphins. A big ol’ bucket of perenial suck.

Tom Brady has played five absolutely magnificent games in a row after the Pats fell to 3 – 3 and were tied with every other team in the division. They’ve rattled off five straight wins, thanks largely in part to Tom Terrific’s otherworldly play, which is compounded by Brady not throwing a single pick in that span. This five game stretch hearkens back to TFB’s absolutely stellar 2010 season, where his streak without an INT earned him the first ever unanimous MVP Award. The loss of Gronkowski will certainly change things going forward, but with a Bill Belichick team, hope is never lost. The emergence of Julian Edelman as a serious offensive and special teams spark is also nothing but good news. Provided he plays, of course. Top everything off with a defense that’s been getting turnovers at will, it seems like, a secondary that’s making huge strides from week-to-week, and it just doesn’t bode well for a Dolphins team that’s been on par with the rest of their division: generally pretty shitty.

The New England Patriots notwithstanding, of course. Expect either Welker or Edelman to have their biggest game of the season as they run circles around Miami’s strong corps of linebackers.

Trav: New England Patriots
Kris: New England Patriots

AFC North Battle: Whoever plays QB for Pittsburgh, do they even have a chance?

Justin: Talk about nasty division rivalries. This one tops my list as far as the NFL goes. Even over Pats vs. Jets.

But, before we get into that, the NFL, as usual, upholds its reputation as the craziest sports league in the world, as the Baltimore Ravens have been a big-time shock to fans everywhere. Who would’ve thought that their defense would be the weak link this year? Travis and I joked all throughout the off-season about Joe Flacco, after I read an article where someone called him a potential “Red Chip” player, meaning he could, basically, be a Top 5 QB in the league. Well, who’s got egg on their face now?

With the emergence of an offense that’s run through, as usual, Ray Rice and an explosive passing game to compliment #27, the Ravens have been looking like other high-powered offenses around the league. With defensive superstars like linebacker Ray Lewis and cornerback Ladarius Webb out, the defense hasn’t been able to bottle up opposing offenses like they’re used to. Luckily for them, with Terrell Suggs back, they shouldn’t have too much problem curtailing the Steelers offense or slowing down their 8,000 rushing attempts…

In fact, things are ugly for the Steelers at this point. At 6 – 5, dropping a game to the Ravens, who are up three games on Pittsburgh, could be disastrous as far as the Steelers’ chances to reach the playoffs. And after laying an egg against the Browns last week, things are looking bleaker than ever. If Big Ben plays, which is up in the air, then they’ve got a fighting, if not fleeting, chance, but without him, things look good for Baltimore clinching their playoff spot.

Trav: Baltimore Ravens
Kris: Baltimore Ravens

Playoff Berth at Stake: Peyton Manning and Von Miller do battle against Tampa Bay

Justin: After all the hoopla surrounding his move from Indie to Denver this off-season, there was a whirlwind of questions surrounding Peyton Manning and his future as an elite-level QB in a league where the team is built around the gunslinger.

I would really hope, now that he leads the league in Player Elected Pro Bowl voting, even over the The Chosen One, Tom Brady, that we can lay all those questions and doubts to rest. After a slow, sputtering start to the season, where the Broncos dropped games to the Falcons, the Almighty Texans, and the Omnipotent Pats, Manning has marched Denver to five straight wins. Granted, they played the Panthers, the Chiefs, and the Chargers in that span, but in this league, with this QB at the helm, it just doesn’t matter. A win is a win and a win is momentum. Any momentum a veteran like Manning builds is momentum that has to be taken away from him. Forcefully. The Bucs? They aren’t taking anything from Manning. In fact, if anything, he’s taking them forcefully. And their mothers. And not calling them. Ever. Again.

Granted, and in all fairness, the Buccaneers have won, and lost, some close games, against some of the league’s best, including the defending Champion G-men, but don’t get too hung up on that. The Broncos have switched it on, and with Manning’s leadership, you can expect them to win their division and to be making a serious run in the playoffs.

This week is just a stepping stone to that, though.  And it all starts with beating down on Tampa Bay. Just cause.

Trav: Denver Broncos
Kris: Denver Broncos

NFC West: Can Jeff Fisher and the Rams slow down Colin Kaepernick?

Travis: It can’t be said enough how smart Jim Harbaugh really is. He’s taken a franchise that was the laughing stock of the league, and quickly transformed them into a strong, scary contender. 

Harbaugh flexed his brain power once again two weeks ago when he announced that Colin Kaepernick would be his starting quarterback. People shouldn’t be all that surprised, considering that Harbaugh drafted him himself, and after the off-season’s Peyton Manning chase, we all knew he wasn’t married to Alex Smith, it was nothing more than a really long engagement,  and sadly, I don’t think they’ll be meeting at the altar.
The Rams season may be nearing its final gasp, but don’t think that they couldn’t shock the Niners.  If it wasn’t for a foolish penalty, they’d have won in overtime on Zuerlein’s long field goal. Although the Niners should dispose of the Rams with relative ease, I believe that Kaepnerick is going to lay an egg soon, as every new starter does. The question is, will his first bad outing come at an affordable time (like this Sunday), or at a very bad time (the playoffs).
Trav: San Francisco 49’ers
Kris: San Francisco 49’ers
Giants Special: Eli Manning vs. RGIII, Round 2
Travis: The Giants are holding true to their title of league’s most confusing team, coming off a total dismantling of the Green Bay Packers. What was more impressive than the 38 points they put up, however, were the mere 10 that they allowed. The Giants are battling for the NFC East crown, and in my opinion, their only challenger will be Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins.
RG3 and Co. were victorious in his first of what will most likely be a few Thanksgiving Day starts, after shooting off to an enormous halftime lead over the host Dallas Cowboys. The first time these two teams met, it was quite the sight to behold. The Giants needed a 77 yard pass to Victor Cruz to ensure victory in the final minutes, and I’m sure Big Blue would like to put the Skins away a bit sooner this time.
It’s hard for me to give a totally unbiased opinion, as you all know, but I also value your readership, and I will always try to steer you in the right direction. If you happen to go with the Skins, I really can’t fault you. They’re playing hot, on Primetime, and they NEED this victory. However, if the Giants pass rush and coverage are as alive as they were against the Packers, I don’t know how RG3 will be able to solve them in sixty minutes.
I think you know which team will get my vote.
Trav: New York Giants
Kris: New York Giants
Well, there ya have it ladies and gents! Don’t forget to comment with any questions, and give us five stars! And as always, keep coming back to Totally Biased for YOUR NFL Picks!

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