Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 9

Breathe easy, worried citizen. Kris Kauffman has once again put a stop to evil and the Hero has prevailed! The Dark Lord of New York franchises, Travle Augustus Rand, has again been defeated and NFL Fans from all over the globe can rest easy. See what happens when you change your picks on Friday or Saturday, Travie? So young and naive he is..

Alrighty, let’s get down to it! Week 9 is upon and that means what children!? Yes, we have come to the halfway point of the regular season and a few things stand out. First off, only the Falcons remain undefeated at 7-0 and with a showdown, or should I say showup, with the Cowboys, Atlanta has a good shot at becoming 8-0. Will anyone stop them?

Secondly, when will the NFL bring us a good Thursday Night football game? The Cheifs at the Chargers, seriously? What a joke. I’m not a NFL Network subscribing and honestly, don’t care to be unless I’m forced to miss a Patriots game, but seriously, these matchups stink. Get your act together, NFL!

The 49ers have distanced themselves in the NFC West with a 2 game cushion after their thumping of the Cardinals on MNF. The once 4-0 Cardinals are now on another 4 game streak but in the loss column and their offensive line issues don’t seem to be solved. The Packers won their 3rd straight game but still trail the 6-1 Bears for the division lead.

In London, the Patriots put on a show for the UK by demolishing the Rams 45-7. New England put together it’s best 60 minutes of football so far this season. Tom Brady left the game without being sacked or hit for that matter. The Patriots offensive line was so good that Arizona actually asked to borrow them during their bye week. The declined, politely.

Lots of upset potenial this week, in the world of football. Who will it be? Find out next week on Totally Biased’s NFL Picks: Kris Kauffman Edition!


The Leaderboard

Travis: — 81-37 — 68%
Kris: —– 69-49 — 58%

Lock of the Week: 7-1

*To give everyone a quick update, here are our Lock of the Week picks so far. And remember, like most office pools, we don’t use the same team twice!*

Wk. 1: Detroit Lions over the St. Louis Rams: W, 27-23
Wk. 2: Houston Texans over the Jacksonville Jaguars: W, 27-7
Wk. 3: New Orleans Saints over the Kansas City Chiefs: L, 24-27
Wk. 4: Baltimore Ravens over the Cleveland Browns: W, 23-16
Wk. 5: San Francisco 49’ers over the Buffalo Bills: W, 45-3
Wk. 6: Atlanta Falcons over the Oakland Raiders: W, 23-20
Wk. 7: Minnesota Vikings over the Arizona Cardinals: W, 21-14
Wk. 8: Chicago Bears over the Carolina Panthers: W, 23-22


Thursday Night Football: Can Philip Rivers beat ANYONE? . . .

Trav: San Diego Chargers
Kris: San Diego Chargers

Trav: Yes, he can. But only the Chiefs.


The Opening Slate: 1pm Games

Trav: Denver Broncos
Kris: Denver Broncos

Kris: No quarterback in the league is playing better than Peyton Manning right now. Peyton is averging an unreal, 8.2 yards per throw and picks apart defenses behind one of the best offensive lines in football. Although Cincinnati has a great defense, they’ll be no match for #18.

Trav: Green Bay Packers
Kris: Green Bay Packers

Trav: Thanks to our handy dandy scoreboard up there, you can all see that we here at Totally Biased have yet to take the Packers in our Survivor Pool. Well, this week, they’re playing the Cardinals, which makes this game an easy choice. Aaron Rodgers and the Cheese are finally putting it all together, and are looking to leap frog the Vikings in the standings, who travel to Seattle. Just ask Pats fans, it’s not an easy place to win. ZINGER.

In other, unrelated news, the Cardinals are still awful, and we haven’t figured out how they’ve won five games.

Trav: Indianapolis Colts
Kris: Miami Dolphins

Kris: I’m basing my prediction solely on the assumption that Ryan Tannehill is going to play. The Miami defense has been ridiculous this year in stopping the run and getting after the quarterback. Have you heard of Cameron Wake? Yeah, he’s good. If the Dolphins show up with their man-pants, then I think they’ll take this game easy.

If the season ended today, the Dolphins and Colts would be the two wild card teams. Hard to believe when they share the conference with the Steelers, Bengals, Jets, and Chargers. Although, I dont see either of these teams making it into January.

Trav: Baltimore Ravens
Kris: Baltimore Ravens

Trav: The Cleveland Richardson’s have looked improved lately, and we’re able to take down a weak Chargers team in a rain-soaked contest this past Sunday. However, they welcome the Ravens to town, and I don’t see their winning streak… well… becoming a streak. Even though the Purple and Black have a lost a few key contributors on defense, including Ladarius Webb and Ray Lewis, I still think they should be able to edge out the Browns. However, as the Hazard sign indicates, I think this one could end up being closer than people think.

Trav: Washington Redskins
Kris: Washington Redskins

Kris:Hard to make a case for the Panthers to win here. Cam Newton is clearly in his sophmore slump. Where’s Chris Weinke!?!?

Trav: Detroit Lions
Kris: Detriot Lions

Trav: After Detroit’s putrid showing this week against the Seahawks, they needed someone like Jacksonville to play host to a good ol’ fashioned ass whopping. Calvin Johnson has been extremely disappointing, with only one touchdown grab on the season. I think both of them get off the schnide, and get the job done in Jacksonville.

Trav: Houston Texans
Kris: Houston Texans

Kris: This pick is a no-brainer. Houston offense will tear apart the brittle Buffalo defense and with the Texans coming off their bye week, expect to see a good show. No mercy for Buffalo!

Trav: Chicago Bears
Kris: Chicago Bears

Trav: The Bears narrowly escaped a win on Sunday against the Panthers on Sunday, and it doesn’t get much easier when they play the Titans. I can’t figure out the Bears lately, and even their fans are probably confused. The defense is extremely opportunistic, scoring TD’s by the boatload. I don’t know how much I trust them though, because I would almost certainly take the Niners defense, who almost always play on top of their game, and don’t rely on flukey turnovers. That being said, the Bears will still take the W back to Chi-Town.


Afternoon Delight: 4:15 Games

Trav: New York Giants
Kris: New York Giants

Trav: I could just look at the upside: all the Giants forced turnovers, or, I could take into account the glaring downside: horrible red-zone efficiency. We barely escaped Dallas with a win, but at the end of the season, all people will remember is that we went into Dallas and stole one. Hopefully it will get a little easier for Big Blue, who play host to the Pittsburgh Bumblebee’s Steelers. Troy Polamalu has already been ruled out, and if the Steelers lose a few more to the injury bug, the Giants could already be a leg up before kickoff. Giants are too hot to lose this one at home.

Trav: Seattle Seahawks
Kris: Seattle Seahawks

Kris: The Vikings do a select few things on offense well. One of those is run the ball. The Seahawks do many things well on defense. Like stop the run. Something is going to give. Either Adrian Peterson is going to have a monster day or the Seahawks are going to keep him quiet this week. My money is on Seattle.

Trav: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kris: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Trav: Bucs will visit the Black Hole of Oakland against the Raiders in the matchup of the NFL’s pirates. The Bucs are coming off a huge win over the Vikes and the Raiders are on a 2-game winning streak. Raiders will have their hands full with the Bucs run defense and Carson Palmer will need to be on point for Oakland to have a chance. Tampa should have their way with the loose Raider defense. Ha! Get it?


Sunday Night Special: Dallas Travels to the Dirty South to Try and Test the Falcons

Trav: Atlanta Falcons
Kris: Atlanta Falcons

Kris:The Falcons are 7-0 and still have an underrated defense? Please, enlighten me on how that is possible. Matty Ice and his fearless team of crusaders will protect their home turf against the impolding Cowboys. A much easier task then some may think. The Cowboys are headed down a long difficult road if they dont pull their heads out of their..well, you know..

Any guesses is to how many INTs Tony “Ohno” Romo throws?


Monday Night Football: Two Preseason Favorites Battle to Stay Relevant

Trav: New Orleans Saints
Kris: New Orleans Saints

Trav: The Eagles laid another stinker on Sunday, falling to the undefeated Falcons, which of course raised the question as to how long Michael Vick would remain the team’s signal caller. Andy Reid has come out and said that Vick would start Monday night in New Orleans, but, if your coach even HAS to say that, then things are looking bleak. Not that it’s much of a prediction, but whichever team leaves the building with another loss is done. Stick a fork in ’em.

Looks like the Saints live to see another week.


Bye Week: St. Louis Rams, New England Patriots, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers.


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Travis Rand and Kris Kauffman collaborate every week to bring you a preview of each and every NFL game. We strive to answer any questions the readers ask, and as always, be the first place you go to get your NFL knowledge. Be sure to check back on Totally Biased for extensive NFL coverage.

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