Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 8

Let me just hit you with some names, my dear readers.

Michael Irvin, Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp, Mike Silver, Jason Cole, Les Carpenter, Pete Prisco, Clark Judge, Mike Freeman, Jason La Canfora, Dave Richard, Will Brinso, Ryan Wilson, Josh Katzowitz, the Yahoo User Consensus, AND the CBS Sports Prediction machine.

None of them. I mean, NONE OF THEM, have a record better than my own as it pertains to NFL picks. Do you know what that means? I’m smarter than a God damn prediction machine! BOW BEFORE ME!

In fact, the only one of them that has 70 correct is Steve Mariucci. Which means I MIGHT let him buy me a drink should we run into each other in a bar. Maybe.

As IF everyone didn’t already know, but I posted my first ever perfect football card, capping off a 13-0 slaughter when the Bears downed Detroit on Monday Night Football.

I’m absolutely destroying Kris to the point of utter embarrassment. I could literally go into a coma after typing this sentence, wake up on Tuesday, and STILL be guaranteed to have a better record than Kris…

Nope. No coma. Sorry Kris :*

Let’s get to it.


The Leaderboard

Travis: — 72-32 — 69%
Kris: —– 58-46 — 55%

Lock of the Week: 6-1

*To give everyone a quick update, here are our Lock of the Week picks so far. And remember, like most office pools, we don’t use the same team twice!*

Wk. 1: Detroit Lions over the St. Louis Rams: W, 27-23
Wk. 2: Houston Texans over the Jacksonville Jaguars: W, 27-7
Wk. 3: New Orleans Saints over the Kansas City Chiefs: L, 24-27
Wk. 4: Baltimore Ravens over the Cleveland Browns: W, 23-16
Wk. 5: San Francisco 49’ers over the Buffalo Bills: W, 45-3
Wk. 6: Atlanta Falcons over the Oakland Raiders: W, 23-20
Wk. 7: Minnesota Vikings over the Arizona Cardinals: W, 21-14


Thursday Night Football: Minnesota plays host to Tampa Bay, and looks to keep up in the tough NFC North

Trav: Minnesota Vikings
Kris: Minnesota Vikings

Trav: Adrian Peterson is tied for third in the NFL in rushing yards, a mere 8 months removed from ACL and MCL surgery. He has been running like a man possessed, and I can’t see Tampa Bay slowing him down. After suffering a heartbreaking loss against the Saints on Sunday, the Bucs need a win to have any chance at keeping up with the Falcons. Unfortunately for them, I think the Purple and Gold, last week’s Lock of the Week, take the W.


The Opening Slate: 1pm Games

Trav: Pittsburgh Steelers
Kris: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kris: Okay, my intial thinking was to pick the Redskins. Yes, the Redskins. But considering the Steelers are at home and just dispensed the Bengals, who have quite a good defense, I had to go with them. RGIII is a serious MVP candidate. Not just the Rookie of the Year. He’s the real deal.

I wish I didn’t have to pick this game because my gut says to choose the ‘Skins and my brain says to choose the Steelers.

Trav: Seattle Seahawks
Kris: Detriot Lions

Trav: Every week there are a couple games that you really rack your brain over. This contest is definitely one of them. The Lions have looked terrible compared to last year, but only lost by 6 in Chicago, and that was with THREE turnovers inside the red zone. The Seahawks have a ferocious defense, but haven’t looked the same on the road as they do at home. This one is going to be an extremely close contest, but I’m rolling with Seattle.

Trav: Chicago Bears
Kris: Chicago Bears

Kris: This is an easy one. The Bears defense keeps getting better and better. While their latest offensive showing was fairly poor against a weak Detroit defense, they still have the ability to put up points. Watch out for Chicago.

Trav: Indianapolis Colts
Kris: Tennessee Titans

Trav: It took him long enough, but Chris Johnson finally broke out and had an incredible game against the Buffalo Bills. The Titans are playing host to Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts, and both teams are doing their best to hold their ground and keep up with the Houston Texans in the AFC South. Another game that you’ll have to spend more than a few minutes on, I think Indy pulls one out. I think. But… maybe not…

Trav: New England Patriots
Kris: New England Patriots

Kris: It’s Wednesday and my nerves are STILL shot from the Patriots game on Sunday against the Jets. Luckily, the Patriots came out with a victory. PHEW! Sitting at 4-3 the Patriots are headed to London to take on the “home team” the St. Louis Rams. I can guarantee you this, reader, the Rams will NOT be the home team. Most English folk havent even heard of St. Louis!

Now, for my ranting and raving to begin. Well, to continue. 

I want to touch on a subject or suspect. That suspect? Devin McCourty.

Mr. McCourty has been subject to so much scrutiny lately that it almost sickening. Fun fact for all you McCourty haters! According to ProFootballFocus, Devin McCourty is rated the 4th best cornerback in the league! Yes, in the entire league. Out of 395 snaps, he has been targeted just 37 times. Of those 37, the receiver has only caught 17 passes or 45.9%. That percentage is 7th in the league out of all corners. Basically what Im saying is, he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. You only hear McCourty’s name when something bad happens. Smarten up, hater.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way.. The Patriots will win this game. They’ll be the “home team”. They’ll take care of business and cruise into the bye week.

Trav: Miami Dolphins
Kris: Miami Dolphins

Trav: Discussing our potential Lock last week, Kris suggested the Patriots who were taking on Gang Green in Foxboro. I had to shoot that one down pretty quick, because it went against one of my only rules for picking a Lock. Divisional matchup.

Teams who are used to seeing each other twice a year are always going to play close games. I mean, look at just this week. The Skins and the G-Men. The Bucs and the Saints. The Jets and the Pats. The Niners and the Seahawks. The Steelers and Bengals. If those aren’t enough examples, than you’re crazy. Each contest was decided by 7 points or less, and many of them could’ve been closer.

Another division game is on tap for the Jets, and again, I think they take the loss. A lot of people will over value Sanchez’s great stats against the Pats secondary. My grandmother could post a passer rating over 100 against this Swiss cheese coverage.

Trav: San Diego Chargers
Kris: San Diego Chargers

Kris: Here’s your scenario. You’re up 24-0 at halftime. You’re at your home stadium. You’re wearing your famed powder-blue uniform. What are you going to do next? That’s right, you’re going to let the Broncos score 35 unanswered points in the second half and lose.

How bad is it going to have to get before Norv Turner is canned and the Bolts are credible again? Losing to the Browns would certainly help make the case for the firing of Ol’ Norvy. Seriously though, the Chargers are super-talented and yet still come up short year after year. It has to be the coaching. All in favor of a new captain in San Diego? I!

Trav: Green Bay Packers
Kris: Green Bay Packers

Trav: Blaine Gabbert has a torn labrum in his non-throwing shoulder. Maurice Jones-Drew has already been ruled out. They are the Jacksonville Jaguars. They are on the road. Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews are Gods among mere mortal men. 

Another second spent typing about this game is just too much.

Trav: Philadelphia Eagles
Kris: Atlanta Falcons

Kris: If there was a week where I thought the Falcons were in serious threat of actually losing, it would be this week. Yet, I still have to go with the Falcons. A rested Falcons team with a defense that has a knack for causing turnovers is just the recipe for success. Especially when you’re facing the Eagles, who average 3 turnovers a game. Enough said.


Afternoon Delight: 4:15 Games

Trav: New York Giants
Kris: New York Giants

Trav: This is a huge game in the NFC East, and it’s unclear as to who needs this game more. If Dallas loses, they will fall to 3-4, and the Giants will be 6-2. A three game deficit in the East isn’t something that the Cowboys need, and it would definitely be tough to overcome. If the Giants lose, they’ll come in at 5-3, and Dallas a respectable 4-3, having already had their bye. More importantly however, Dallas would have the tiebreaker should a there be a tie with Big Blue at the end of the season, having already beat them in week one.

I certainly am not the “go to” for this game, because I’m looking at everything through rose colored glasses. I really think the Giants will win this one, especially with how they’ve been playing as of late. The defensive line pressured Romo 13 times, and only came away with two sacks in their first game, and I doubt that will be the case on Sunday. Gimme the G-Men.

Trav: Kansas City Chiefs
Kris: Oakland Raiders

Kris: This game has surprising playoff implications. As in, neither of these teams will make them. The Raiders have a stout run defense as the Cheifs have one of the best rushing attacks. The Raiders can throw the ball while the Chiefs are good at slowing wide receivers. All in all, this game could be fun to watch… on Sportscenter. ZING!


Sunday Night Special: Drew Brees and Peyton Manning do battle in Denver

Trav: Denver Broncos
Kris: Denver Broncos

TravAnother extremely hard game to pick, the Saints will travel to Denver coming off of an insanely hot showing against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A lot of the problems the Saints have are stemmed right from their defense, which Peyton Manning should be able to dismantle since he’s had a couple weeks to film study, as the Broncos are coming off of their bye. I can’t see the Saints defense slowing the cerebral Manning, but Von Miller and company could force Brees into mistakes. Denver, but in a tight game.


Monday Night Football: Niners and Cards, winner leads the West

Trav: San Francisco 49’ers
Kris: San Francisco 49’ers

Kris: Week after week it’s getting worse and worse for the Cardinals. Their offensive-tackles are like turnstiles and the Niners defense will have their way with them. Aldon Smith will be licking his chops come Monday Night and a healthy dose of Frank Gore should be in place.

How the Cardinals made it to 4-0, let alone beat the Patriots, is beyond me.


Thanks for checking out our weekly installment of NFL picks! Be sure to check us out on Twitter by clicking here, and our Facebook page which you can see here! Go Giants… and I guess… Go Pats?

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