Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 7

After sacrificing the intro to Mr. Kauffman last week, I couldn’t put our readers through the horror of reading anything Kris has to say, at least until I lose again… HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, right.

A crazy week in the NFL has come to a close, highlighted by the Giants going into the Niners home and putting on a show. Ahmad Bradshaw added insult to injury, rushing for over 100 yards and a score against what is probably the best defense in the entire league. The champs are out to prove that until someone takes their crown, it’s still atop their heads.

The Falcons barely escaped with a win against the pitiful Raiders, and you have to wonder if they are as real as everyone, including myself, thinks they are. They just barely pulled one out against Carolina a few weeks ago as well, so it’s not the first time that the entire state of Georgia has been biting their fingernails as the clock winds down. Atlanta needs this bye week to figure out exactly how to put their opponents down for good.

The AFC remained in status quo… Well, almost. The Patriots traveled to Seattle in a game that wayyyy too many people thought would be a sure fire win.

“I have a hard time believing that anyone, including the Seahawks, can slow down the Pats offense right now, especially with how hot they’ve been” – Justin Yattaw

Well, leave it to Russell Wilson and a crazy Seahawks defense to put a damper on the Pats season. The AFC East is all even, with every single team sporting a .500 record, 3-3, through the first six games. This weeks tilt with the Jets has just become a very important one.

Among other highlights, Aaron Rodgers reminded people while he’s still the best quarterback in the league, absolutely dismantling the Houston Texans defense to the tune of +300 yards, and a whopping six scores. And we can’t forget about the Chargers, who blew a comfortable 24 point lead to the Denver Peyton’s.

Hell, if Kris has another poor showing with his picks, he might be standing next to Norv Turner looking for a new gig ;)


The Leaderboard

Travis: — 59-32 — 65%
Kris: —– 47-44 — 51%

Lock of the Week: 5-1


Thursday Night Football: Whichever QB solves the other defense first will leave San Fran with a W

Trav: San Francisco 49’ers
Kris: San Franciso 49’ers

Trav: As impressive as the Seahawks defense as been, I really can’t see a situation where they go into San Francisco and lose. San Fran will be eager to move on during a short week, and put their lost to Big Blue behind them. Seattle however, might be riding a little too high after a big win against Belichick and Brady. The Niners get back on the winning track with a big division victory.


The Opening Slate: 1pm Games

Trav: Houston Texans
Kris: Houston Texans

Kris: Going into Week 6, I was convinced the Texans were the class of the AFC. The team to beat. Instead, after the Packers dismantled them 42-21, they looked like the Texans of old. This week, they’ll need to prove they are they still the class of the AFC and there is no better way than to beat up on the Ravens in Houston.

The rest of the season is going to be rough for Baltimore as Ray Lewis, the Ravens fearless, always blabbering leader will be sidelined for the rest of the year. Oh, and he’ll be riding the pine with starting CB Lardarius Webb, who is out for the year with a torn ACL. Ouch.

Trav: Green Bay Packers
Kris: Green Bay Packers

Trav: The NFC North is quickly becoming one of the best division races in the entire league, with the Bears, Vikings, and Packers all looking to take the crown. The Packers have three very winnable games on their slate, and that starts with a game at St. Louis on Sunday. 

Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Pack Attack are going to be fine, and trust me, sometimes it’s a lot easier playing the underdog card than it is playing the favorite one. Green Bay wants to prove that they never left, and could beat St. Louis by 20.

Trav: Tennessee Titans
Kris: Buffalo Bills

Kris: I don’t have the energy or drive to want to write any sort of well-thought, stat-driven statement about this game. I wouldn’t put money on either of these teams to win a game, even if my life depended on it. I’ll take the Bills at home to win. 

Trav: Indianapolis Colts
Kris: Cleveland Browns

Trav: After a big emotional win against the Packers two weeks ago, the Colts came out completely flat against the Jets on Sunday afternoon. The Browns are on the saddle, coming off their first victory of the 2012 season, with a big win over the Bengals. I can’t see Luck letting the Colts go down again, especially with Houston quickly wrapping up the division super early. Colts squeak one out, just barely.

Trav: New Orleans Saints
Kris: New Orleans Saints

Kris: The Bucs are coming off a big win over the lowly Chiefs, mostly due to their stellar defense, and now host the 1-4 Saints in Tampa. The Bucs may have a great defense but they’ll be no match for Drew Brees and Marques Colston. A win and a bye week are exactly what the Saints needed.

Trav: Minnesota Vikings
Kris: Minnesota Vikings

Trav: The Vikings have been one of biggest surprise teams in 2012, and are coming off a tough loss against the Redskins. The Cardinals had one in the bag against Buffalo, only to watch their dreams bounce off the upright with Jay Feely’s horrible field goal attempt. We here at Totally Biased use the word attempt loosely.

Vikings win, and Adrian Peterson  Purple Jesus has his best game of the season.

Trav: Dallas Cowboys
Kris: Dallas Cowboys

Kris: Oh, the Cowboys.. I wonder how many INTs Romo will throw this week? This game is defnitely a head-scratcher. I’m going with Dallas because of the way they played the Ravens last week, in Baltimore. A tough game, against a good Ravens team and coming up just a 2-point conversion short of overtime. Cowboys should get back on track this week.

Trav: New York Giants
Kris: New York Giants

Trav: I’m using some big reverse jinx here, but be very careful when selecting this game. The Giants are notorious for playing up to the level of their opponent, and after a huge win against San Francisco on Sunday, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see the Giants come out flat on Sunday, before realizing that they’re going to need to kick it up a notch to beat the Redskins. Robert Griffin III has looked phenomenal this season, and the Giants will have to close down the outside and force him up the middle.


Afternoon Delight: 4:15 Games

Trav: Oakland Raiders
Kris: Oakland Raiders

Trav: The Raiders are coming off a surprisingly good looking 60 minutes of football against the Atlanta Falcons, and were within seconds of coming away with a huge road victory before Matt Bryant hit a 55 yard field goal to snatch the victory from the Black and Silver. The Jaguars are coming off a much needed bye week, and have had plenty of time to prepare for the likes of Darren McFadden and Carson Palmer.

I can’t see Oakland losing, and yes, dear reader, you read that right. They came way too close to a win last Sunday, and it’s time for them to capitalize. However it is that teams like Oakland capitalize…

Trav: New England Patriots
Kris: New England Patriots

Kris: After a tough loss, against the Seahawks, the Pats aren’t going to take any team lightly. This is business. The Patriots will be on point from the get-go. If you’ve never seen Tom Brady pissed off, then just wait until Sunday.

Be very, very scared if you’re a Jets fan. 


Sunday Night Special: Can the Steelers secondary stop the red hot AJ Green? Doubtful.

Trav: Pittsburgh Steelers
Kris: Pittsburgh Steelers

Trav: Nobody saw the Pittsburgh Steelers losing to the Tennessee Titans last Thursday, and about the same amount of people saw the Bengals falling to the lowly Browns. Well, good news is, both of them can’t lose this week! I reeeaaaally teetered between these two teams here, but it’s tough for me to imagine the Steelers losing AGAIN. This one is definitely close though. Tough choices people, tough ass choices.


Monday Night Football: The Bears square up with division rival Detroit

Trav: Chicago Bears
Kris: Chicago Bears

Kris: A rested Bears team, coming off their bye week, against a beat up Lions team will bode well for Chicago. The Bears defense has the ability to take Calvin Johnson out of the game, and if he’s shut down the whole offense is shut down. The Bears will have one difficulty on defense and thats slowing down Brandon Meriweather. He’s a missle of a man, waiting to strike on his own unsuspecting teammates!

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