Totally Biased NFL Recap: 10 Observations From The Giants Big Blue Comeback

Our resident NFL writer Travis Rand takes an in-depth look at a big Giants victory over the Tampa Bay Bucs for Big Blue’s first win of the 2012 season!

Well, if that game didn’t almost give you a heart attack, than props to you my good sir.

The Giants, coming off a disappointing loss to the Dallas Cowboys in week one, laid a total egg in the first half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Thankfully, Big Blue came out and lit up the scoreboard in the second half of action during Sunday’s contest. An enormous game by Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, and Victor Cruz helped lead the defending champs to a big win. 

Without further adieu, here are my top ten observations from Sunday’s close contest.


10. Eli Manning throws three “Eli” interceptions

You know those throws that your quarterback attempts, you pull an enormous face palm and next thing you know, you’re on your knees, beating your chest and screaming “WHYYYYYYYYYY?” Well, it had been a long time since Manning had one of his patented “Eli Throws”, but man did he come through on Sunday, throwing three awful picks. 

From throwing the ball directly to Mason Foster, to letting Eric Wright pick him off, and then proceed to dance all over the field on his way to six points, it was just… bad. Eli needs to channel his inner “2011 postseason”, and cut back on the errant throws.

9. While were on the subject of bad Eli decisions…

First and goal. On Tampa’s two yard line. You have Will Beatty, yes, the offensive lineman, and Ahmad Bradshaw. Both are wide open. Which one do you throw to, QUICK!

Bradshaw? NOPE.

Really, Eli? It bounced off his hands because he’s a 300 pound offensive lineman. Not exactly built like a ballerina. 

8. Oh yeah, speaking of dropped balls…

We still have a lot of them. 

The Giants dropped at least three balls yesterday, and that number might be a little generous. With Will Beatty and Martellus Bennett both dropped passes in the end zone, easily the worst place for them to occur.

I’d like to say that this could easily turn around once the team starts to click, except, it’s been a staple of the Giants offense since about 2008. Seriously, a Giants game without a dropped pass is like a Patriots game without a Gronkowski spike. It’s like a George Bush speech without him butchering the english language. It’s like Antonio Cromartie being able to recite the names and ages of his multiple children.

Just doesn’t happen.

7. When will we see David Wilson?

David Wilson hasn’t had a decent run since his days at Virginia Tech

Wilson found himself in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse following all of two carries against Dallas, and even an Ahmad Bradshaw neck injury couldn’t net him any more carries against the Bucs. Instead, it was Andre Brown who came in and pounded the rock for Big Blue. Brown toted the rock 13 times for 71 yards, good for over five yard per carry.

The Giants didn’t use a valuable first round pick on Wilson just to have him ride the pine and return a few kicks. What’s frightening, is that Wilson has gotten relatively NO reps, and when the Giants do need to count on him, they might not know what they have in the rookie. Hopefully they can put the boots to the Panthers on Thursday, and squeeze some Wilson carries in late in the game.

6. Giants red zone offense continues to look like total garbage

When your kicker hits four field goals, and his longest of the day is only 37 yards, there is something horribly wrong with your offense. For the second time in two games, the Giants had a 1st and goal, from within the five yard line, and failed to come away with a touchdown. Just like dropped passes, this has become one of the Giants signature moves. 

“Ok guys, we’re so close to endzone I think our fans are expecting us to score. Let’s run a couple halfback draws, and then I’ll overthrow Martellus Bennett. Ready. Break!”

Get it together guys.

5. Big Blue’s second half was one for the record books

The Giants came out firing on all cylinders after the break, and Manning seemed locked in like never before. He avoided throwing any picks, and led the Giants to a big 28 points. The defense also locked down Josh Freeman and the rest of the Tampa Bay Bucs, allowing only 10 points, seven of which came off of a huge pass from Freeman to Mike Williams for 41 yards.

Eli has made it his personal mission to have some of the best fourth quarter numbers in the entire league, and this week was no different. If Big Blue can put it together for all eight quarters, they could be dangerous. That’s a big “if.”

4. Getting the secondary together would help, too

Although the Giants secondary is flush with injury, Sunday’s performance was still extremely iffy. Vincent Jackson had his way with the defensive backs for much of the afternoon, and even Mike Williams made the Giants pay for subpar coverage. If there is any bright spot, they looked much better on Sunday than they did against Dallas.

Then again, Ray Charles School for the Blind could’ve played better coverage during week one.

Schiano needs to learn his damn MANNERS!

3. Stat of the Week: Eli Manning, 510 yards, 3 TD, 3 INT

Manning, when all was said and done, performed admirably when the game was on the line. He continues to play unbelievable in the 4th quarter, and with 1:55 left in the game, and all three timeouts in the pocket, was there anyone that you’d want over Eli? Over the last two years, certainly not.

2. Dear Greg Schiano, This is the NFL. Not Rutgers. Sincerely, Everyone

As Eli Manning took the field for the final snap, a snap that everyone in the entire stadium KNEW was going to be a QB kneel, he was thrown to the ground by a combination of the defensive line of the Buccaneers, and his own offensive line getting thrown back. 

Tom Coughlin absolutely laid into Schiano during the handshake, and anyone with third grade lipreading skills could see more than a few obscenities being thrown in Schiano’s direction. 

After the game, Schiano cited his days at Rutgers, saying that they did it multiple times, trying to sneak in and cause a turnover. Was it illegal in any way? Of course not. But this is a league of respect, and if any of the Giants lineman had come up limping, or God forbid Eli, Coughlin probably would’ve ran on the field and started throwing punches himself. I don’t think we’ll see this out of the Bucs again anytime soon.

Not if Schiano wants to keep his head on his shoulders.

1. Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz are the best wide receiving tandem in the NFL

After a long conversation with Justin, Kris, and Cory, the only duo that would come close is Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson.

Nicks and Cruz flexed their muscled on Sunday, torching Aqib Talib and Eric Wright to the following stat line. My goodness.

That my friends, is phenomenal.

If Nicks and Cruz continue to demonstrate total control of the field, it will be huge for Eli Manning and Co. It will require a few more weeks of big games however, to prove that they cannot be stopped, as just last week, the Cowboys stifled both star wide outs. 

The Panthers held Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston in check during week’s one and two respectively, but Nicks and Cruz are playing on another level right now. Giants need to carry this energy into Thursday night.


Travis Rand is a Senior at the University of Southern Maine, and has a fantasy sports, and New York Giants/Yankees obsession. Is favorite sports moment is David Tyree’s helmet catch. He predicts Kevin Ogletree will be owned in 95% of leagues come week two. Be sure to check back here at Totally Biased for extensive coverage of the NFL Season.

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