Totally Biased Live Blog: The Chicago Bears Travel to Lambeau as the Pack Attack Look to Rebound [LIVE Updates!]

TB’s resident NFL writer Travis Rand delivers our first ever LIVE blog! Keep it here for updated commentary on the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers game!

We here at Totally Biased are always looking for new ways to attract readers, and keep our NFL fans totally hooked on our content.

Recently, I decided to undertake a challenge I’ve always been eager to tackle. Tonight, right here on Totally Biased, you will be able to follow the Bears and Packers game LIVE!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with live blogs, it’s pretty simple. The writer has a post, much like the one you’re reading right now, and they are constantly editing it as plays are happening, with time stamps on each new addition. Here’s a decent example

“8:30 PM: Finally, kick off is here. Cobb took it out of the endzone deep and was rewarded with a whopping… 15 yard return. Fool shoulda taken a knee.”

So let’s say Rodgers calls a few solid plays, notches a first down, and then hits Jordy Nelson for a huge gain.

8:37 PM: Offense is moving good for Green Bay tonight. Couple solid runs by Benson, and Rodgers just hit Jordy for 37 yards. Great route running for the white boy.”

That would of course never happen, because Cedric Benson hasn’t had a few good runs since 2010. ZING.

I’m going to make it simple for people also, and put my LATEST post at the very top of the page, that way you can hit refresh and not worry about scrolling very far at all. I hope to see a lot of you here tonight, and I’ll even respond to any comments you may leave!

Now let’s get to it!


Time to hit the hay Totally Biased family! Here are some final stats for you! It’s been fun. Until next time, keep it on Totally Biased for everything football related!

Jay Cutler: 11/26, 176 yards, 1 TD-4 INT

Aaron Rodgers: 22/32, 219 yards, 1 TD-1 INT

Jordy Nelson: 6 receptions, 84 yards

Brandon Marshall: 2 catches, 24 yards (5 targets)

11:35 PM – Fourth and five coming up, and Cutler gets picked off. This one will be looked at in the booth, but regardless, it’s Packers ball with three minutes left, and no Bears timeouts. Interception stands. And it’s official, Jay Cutler posts the stinker of the week. And no, it doesn’t matter that every game hasn’t been played.

11:33 PM – Matthews has six sacks on the year. Had six in all of 2011. BEAST.

11:32 PM – Clay Matthews with sack number four… What. The. Hell.

11:30 PM – Packers pick up their sixth sack on the night. BJ Raji shaken up, and we’ve got a commercial break.

11:28 PM – Regardless of how this one finished up, Rodgers is doing to finish with his worst stats in a looooong time.

11:26 PM – Packers on 3rd and 10 from their own 45, and A-Rod goes down for yet another Bears sack. Chicago burns another timeout, leaving them one left with four minutes on the clock.

11:24 PM – Big catch by Jordy Nelson who takes in about 25 yards down field. Clock down to 4:30, and the Pack are about two first downs away from putting this one in the books.

11:21 PM – Packers start the drive off with a run for zippo, trying to knock the clock down. Second and 11 and Rodgers tries to hit Nelson near the sideline but is wayyy wide. Third and 11 coming up…

11:18 PM – Brandon Marshall sees his second target, but it’s a tad underthrown. Bears go for it on 4th and seven, and Cutler hits Kellen Davis for a score. Packers still up 23-10, with 6:49 left.

11:17 PM – Clay Matthews with his third sack today, and fifth on the year. There’s not much else to say…

11:16 PM – First down and the Packers surprisingly go to the air. Tim Jennings makes Rodgers pay, with the easiest interception he’ll ever have. Rodgers is ripping into Jones on the sideline for not coming back to the ball. Chicago in position to score.

11:12 PM – Eight minutes left in the game, Bears punt it away to Cobb and the Packers on 4th and 21. Screw it, I can hang in there for at least one more drive. Game is getting really chippy and Lambeau has a nice “Bears Still Suck” chant going.

11:10 PM – Third and ten and Cutler scrambled out of a sack, but had Alshon Jeffrey about as open as your mom on Saturday night. Boom.

11:08 PM – Cutler scrambles for the first time this evening, and picks up a solid 12 yards. He’s got 70 yards and 3 INT’s. That is just disgustingly bad. And apparently when you’re down by 20 with ten minutes left, protocol calls for handing the ball off the your backup RB…

11:06 PM – If the Bears don’t go in here, I’m going to call it a night guys. First because I’ve been on the grind for three hours straight, but more importantly, this laptop is insanely hot on my lap, and I’m pretty I’ll have testicular cancer by the time all is said and done.

11:02 PM – Well. Didn’t take long. Rodgers to Driver right down the seam. Pack Attack up 23-3. So much for “falling apart” in 2012.

11:01 PM – Cutler airs one out SUPER deep and is picked off by Tramon Williams, who returns it to the Chicago 30 yard line. This just about wraps it up, with the Packers knocking at the door, already up 16-3, with only 11 minutes left.

10:59 PM – I have Matt Forte in my fantasy league with all my high school buddies, and just realized how much it totally sucks to watch him performing great, and leave with an injury. Especially since our league is PPR. In other news, Marshall had 15 targets last week and only ONE tonight. Sucks to be THAT owner…

10:57 PM – Green Bay is 1 for 4 on third downs, and for the first time in his life, Kuhn is stopped short on 3rd and 1. I made up that second part, but let’s be real. It’s probably true. Crosby nails another field goal, this one from 54 yards out. Guy’s got a serious leg.

10:56 PM – Jermichael Finley finally caught a pass. Yes. It deserves it’s own update. 2nd and five.

10:54 PM – Crazy Uncle Lance is now reading something aloud on his tablet, essentially about how putting an ice pack on your neck at night helps burn calories. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, THAT’s how uneventful this game is.

10:50 PM – Chicago lays down the worst three and our since the NFL-AFL merger. I mean, just disgusting. It could be on a film of how to NOT play football. Punt with four seconds left in the third. Almost done guys!

10:48 PM – Packers with a 3rd and 4, and making a push for points, and Jermichael Finley coughs up the rock on a nice forced fumble by Chris Tillman. Back to the Bears. They almost NEED to score here. Also, all these turnovers being reviewed? SUCKS. Especially when the officials, or lack thereof, take FOREVER.

10:47 PM – Jordy Nelson catches a nice 15 yard strike, and Cedric Benson follows it up with a nice 11 yard run. He’s got 15 rushes for 63 yards on the evening. Looking really solid.

10:45 PM – As far as defensive backs go, sometimes I feel like Charles Woodson has a bit of underratedness on him. And yeah, it’s a word. So SHUT UP. I mean, DPOTY, 55 career INT’s, 11 brought back for scores, and 8 Pro-Bowls. Should be a first ballot HOF’er.

10:42 PM – Got about 4 minutes left in the third, and Green Bay is taking the field across midfield. A score here by the Cheese and Chicago could be in trouble…

10:40 PM – Charles Woodson with the interception. Just as Uncle Lance predicted which he told me I should “put on the fuckin’ blog”. All HAIL CRAZY UNCLE LANCE!

10:39 PM – Bears quickly move to third and six, and we’ve got another false start. Looks like it’s going to be 3rd and 11. Bears are shooting themselves in the foot.

10:37 PM – Forte’s injury in the ankle, which got rolled up on by Charles Woodson last drive. His return is doubtful. But hey, it might not matter, because Michael Bush is pounding the rock pretty well. Four straight runs give the Bears 16 yards and a new set of downs.

10:34 PM – Following a very Cedric-Benson-eqsue run, the Packers punt one away to Hester, who is promptly blown up by John Kuhn. Great special team by Green Bay tonight.

10:32 PM – Green Bay takes the ball at the twenty yard line, and Forte heads to the locker room. Not good at all for Chi-Town. A short pass to Benson followed by a short run and GB is staring at 3rd and 1.

10:30 PM – Marshall was pissed at himself on the sideline, and Cutler sat down next to him on the bench and gave him a quick pep talk, which ended with both of them laughing. Cutler showing some solid leadership. He knows this one is far from over. 

10:26 PM – Brandon Marshall drops a pass in the end zone, which sucks for Chicago, coming off their best drive. Robbie Gould hits a 45 yarder, and its 13-3 Green Bay.

10:25 PM – Big stuff on the run from AJ Hawk for a one yard loss. Another third down from Chi-Town.

10:24 PM – Great play-action call on 3rd and one. Forte is getting worked on on the Bears sideline. Uh-oh. First down from the 30.

10:22 PM – Third and nine and Cutler goes to his favorite target, Forte, for a nice pickup of 15. Forte will make a strong case as the best pass catching back in the game. Bears across midfield.

10:20 PM – Cutler almost gets picked, surprise of the century, and have to burn a timeout on third and nine. I think I just saw steam come out of Cutler’s ears. Looks like he’s about to go postal. Evacuate the stadium? Definitely a possibility.

10:18 PM  – Third and 5 for the Bears, and Cutler dances a bit to hit Forte for another 15 yards. Forte remains the lone bright spot on this team right now. Of course, he runs for 1 yard on the following first down… So, let’s keep it in the air maybe?

10:14 PM – Packers with the touchback, and Jay “37 yard” Cutler takes the field to work more magic… Or… Ya know, not.

10:06 PM – Because Tim Masthay, the holder for the FG’s, flipped the ball to Crabtree on the TD, it counts as a throwing score. For those of you who started Masthay over Aaron Rodgers tonight… Well played, sir. Well. Played.

Halftime stats, key note: Brandon Marshall empty handed after the first half.

10:01 PM – Mason Crosby goes bang city from 38 yards out, and the Packers take a 13-0 lead going into half. The Cheese is looking good tonight. Stats coming up!

9:59 PM – Lance Briggs jumps on an AWFUL throw by Rodgers. Without a doubt should’ve been picked. Hit the guy right in the numbers. Coach shoulda played him at WR a little more in Little Lad. 

Screen pass to Kuhn gets the Packers to the 10 yard line. Quick TO by the Packers and Crosby is on for his second FG try, 31 yards out.

9:57 PM – Thirty one second on the clock, Packers facing a 1st and 10 from their own 38 yard line. Refs throw a flag in the secondary, illegal contact on the Bears for a five yard penalty. 

9:55 PM – Packers burn their second timeout. Cutler apparently has 37 yards passing. YIKES.

9:51 PM – Fun fact: Tramon Williams has the most interceptions in the NFL since 2010. Don’t lie, you had NO idea that was true. Packers take the field. Rodgers to Nelson for eight yards, and the Pack take a time out.

9:48 PM – Cutler with a costly interception. Tramon Williams with the interception, and Rodgers will take the field. Play is getting reviewed… This one is going to a CLOSE call for the refs…

9:45 PM – Matthew’s presence is being felt, causing false starts on the front line. A minute and a half until the break. Cutler to Forte for about 25 yards. Chicago at their own 33 yard line.

9:41 PM – Third and long, throw is behind Cobb. Rodgers is reeeaaal iffy with the accuracy tonight. Forty-five yard attempt by Crosby? FAKE FG, some white guy runs it from 45 yards out. Wow. Terrific play. Fantastic down field blocking. Packer up 10-0. Can’t speak highly enough about the execution of that one.

9:37 PM – Rodgers sacked… Again. Offensive line looks horrendous out there. Green Bay pushed back to the 30 following the two shots on A-Rod. 3rd and LONG coming up. In other news, NFL Network has “Rey Lewis: A Football Life” on Wednesday night, Uncle Lance wants to know if they’re going to include: “The fucking murder.” 

Good question Crazy Uncle Lance… Good question indeed. My money’s on no.

9:35 PM – Julius Peppers with a monster sack on Rodgers. Him and Matthews both have a pair, and it doesn’t look like either can be stopped. Packers timeout with 2:09 until half. Two minute warning will come immediately after the next play. If Green Bay can put up seven before half, it’ll go a long way.

9:33 PM – Packers are quickly unlocking the secret to this defense. A pitch play to MAH BOY Randall Cobb, and he gets about 25 yards down to the ten. Knock, knock Bears defense.

9:30 PM – Packers switch it up to short passes, and letting the ball carrier move after the catch. Worked well the last few tosses to Jordy Nelson and Cedric Benson. Packers past midfield.

9:28 PM – Packers are having real trouble moving the ball tonight against the Bears cover 2 defense. Benson is already up to ten carries, and 40 yards. Hard to get a vertical game moving. Third and seven from their own 23, and Rodgers squeezes one to Cobb for 20 yards. I KNEW I WAS A GENIUS!

9:24 PM – Packers get a huge sack. Cutler had no shot. Yes people, it was Clay Matthews. So… when can we give out the Defensive Player of the Year award? 3rd and 32, Cutler to Alshon Jeffrey, the rookie out of Southern Carolina, for only seven yards. You’ll never guess! Bears punt…

9:22 PM – Uncle Lance on the Bears penalty: “That was big. Real big. Like, horse dick big.” Without a doubt the line of the night. Bears timeout, 9:34 until half.

9:20 PM – Bears are finally moving the ball a bit. Of course, immediately as I type that, they grab a 15 yard personal foul penalty. Way to go Chicago, keepin’ it real in Lambeau.

9:18 PM – Forte with his third run in a row, and gets the first down. Bears and Pack are a combined 1-8 on third downs. THESE TEAMS ARE ELITE, PEOPLE!!!

9:17 PM – Devin Hester with a big return to start the Bears off right. Couple runs by Forte and the Bears with a third and one from midfield.

9:13 PM – John Kuhn gets four on a third and seven, and Mason Crosby is on to try and tack on the first points of the game. Forty eight yards out aaaaand…. BANG right down the pipes. Finally have our first points. Pack, 3-0, 12:26 left in the half.

9:11 PM – Woah. Scratch that. Come back from commercial and the Packers were challenging that 12 men were on the field. Props to you McCarthy. Solid challenge.

9:08 PM – Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Jermichael Finley drops ball, and the Packers punt.

9:04 PM – Benson with a few good catches, and then runs for the first down. Final play of the first quarter: Cedric Benson gets eight more down to the Chicago 41. Uncle Lance: “Can you say MVP Benson?!”

9:02 PM – Cedric Benson rushes for an incredible ZERO yards. Uncle Lance: “I might drink soon if this keeps up.”

9:01 PM – Third and deep for Chicago, Forte runs it for 7, and a punt down to the 21 yd line. About four minutes to go in the half. I promise you, dear readers, you’re currently missing NOTHING if you’re not seeing this game. Hopefully the offenses pick it up quick or I’m going to fall asleep in this Lazyboy…

8:58 PM – Clay Matthews just totally mauled Cutler for a sack. God damn this man is a freak of nature.

8:56 PM – Dumbass penalty on the Packers for pass interference. I think Uncle Lance is going to have a heart attack.

8:54 PM – Great play action, Rodgers had Jordy WIDE open and JUST overthrew him. Crazy Uncle Lance: “Catch the fucking ball… fucker.” God I love football. 

Peppers with a 3rd down sack, and the Pack punt into the endzone. Bears from their own twenty comin’ up.

8:52 PM – Rodgers hurt his elbow during the sack on the last drive, but he’s out there. He’s handed off the ball to Benson twice, for 11 yards. Bears playing two high safeties, so we’ve got some wise play-calling by the Pack.

8:50 PM – Third round of commercials and I figured I’d throw this out there. Crazy Uncle Lance is on a pretty strict diet, and has stopped drinking the brews during the Packers game [at least on Thursdays, pretty sure Sunday is cheat day], don’t worry, I’ve already informed him for entertainment purposes, we’d need to change the rules of the diet.

8:49 PM – Cutler has his 1st down toss batted down by Clay Matthews, Forte with a six yard scamper, Cutler, like the genius he is let’s the clock expire, and on 3rd and 9 Cutler missed Forte over the middle. This contest is PACKED with offense I tell ya!! PACKED!

8:43 PM – Rodgers sacked for a monster loss, all on the offensive line. Third and 26, Rodgers has the ball slip out of his hand and falls on it, much to the happiness of Cheese-Heads everywhere. Masthay out to punt again. Awful kick, but inside the twenty thanks to Rodgers moving the ball downfield.

8:41 PM – Rodgers with the nicest play action I’ve seen in a very long time. Twenty one yards to Jordy, who’s looking great. Cobb took the handoff on first down, and came out with a hamstring injury immediately. Nice. SCREW YOU RANDALL!!! Also, trying to keep you guys updated, but man the hurry up is quick… Be patient with me boys and girls.

8:39 PM – Rodgers with a nice zip to Finley for 15 yards, and Cedric Benson stuffed after one yard on the following first down. Cedric Benson? Stuffed?! No way…

8:35 PM – Chicago with a quick three and out. Randall Cobb, return number two baby. Punt hit Sam Shields on the way down. Pack starting from their 30. 10 minutes left in the first, and our first commercial. Real barn-burner so far…

8:34 PM – Cutler’s first play was a thing of beauty. Sacked for 10 yard loss. Atta boy Chi-Town.

8:33 PM – Pack Attack with a no huddle to open the game. Third and two, Rodgers tried to squeeze one into Nelson on a 10 yard slant. Tim Jennings with a nice deflection. Three and out for Green Bay. Bears starting inside their own twenty after a nice punt.

8:32 PM – Packers starting with the ball after Cobb brought it out to the 15. Thanks Randall. Doing wonders for me from the get-go…

8:30 PM – Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock will be calling the game tonight. Suddenly I miss Cris Collinsworth and Jon Gruden. Mayock just called Brandon Marshall Jay Cutler’s “Woobie”… as in, security blanket. To which Uncle Lance replied, “who the fuck are these guys?”

8:27 PM – It should be noted in advance, I think I have two problems. Fantasy Football. But, that’s cool right, like a billion people play fantasy. The real problem though is my obsession with playing guys on Thursday night that I would never play on Sunday. Tonight, our winner is Randall Cobb, kick returning extraordinaire. Jesus. I deserve to lose.

8:25 PM – NFL Network apparently has a segment called “He’s a Beast.” This must be Googled, Totally Biased family. After viewing it, I’m 80% positive Michael Irvin is still on coke.

Imagine walking into Binga’s wearing THAT hardware…

8:20 PM – About to kickoff, but I figured I’d throw this out there. I am watching the game with my godfather, and Uncle, Lance. From this point onward he will be referred to as Crazy Uncle Lance.

He happens to be a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers, and was able to purchase an “Owner’s Ring” when the Packer won the Superbowl, which is pretty much the most badass thing a fan could ever do. Well… besides streaking down the field. Hey… He is CRAZY Uncle Lance… ya never know.

8:15 PM – Don’t forget guys, you can leave any comments below, and I will be able to see them immediately. I will respond to them right here in the live stream :)

8:10 PM– What’s up ladies and gents! Glad that you came to check out TB’s first ever live blog. It should be a blast, and I’ll really be trying to keep it light and funny, while also giving an in-depth look at the game.

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