A Totally Biased Mail-Bag: The New York Giants Will Win The Superbowl if They ________

In the second of a two part series, our resident Giants fan Travis breaks down what Big Blue can do to give themselves an edge against Brady and Beli!

With each passing day, the emotions surrounding the Superbowl change ever so slightly.

Some days, I’m confident. Why shouldn’t I be? The Giants have beaten the #1, and #2 seeds in the NFC playoff hunt, which also happened to be the #1 offense, and #1 defense respectively. Essentially, this proves the ultimate in balance. Of course, our new opponent matters much more. Then again, we have edged out Brady and Belichick before. More than once I might add.

Other days however, I am terrified. Did we come this far only to have history flip the script and crown Brady the greatest QB of all time, with a capitalizing win over the youngest Manning, and redemption for a Superbowl once gone awry.

What kind of day am I having today, you might ask? I haven’t made my mind up yet.

Thankfully, some of my good friends, and big football fans have come through in the clutch to help me decide which side of me will win this tug of war of emotions. Below, you will find some key things that the Giants can capitalize on in 12 days, and give themselves a better chance of forever cementing this franchise as one of the most dominant in NFL history.


Name: Jeff Conicelli, Team: New England Patriots, Current Location: Washington, DC

The New York Giants will win the Super Bowl if they… can establish a solid rushing attack .

Trav: At first sight, I tend to disagree with this, but the more I take it in, the more it makes perfect sense. The Giants finished dead last in terms of moving the pigskin against opposing defenses. Is getting the running game off the ground [if that makes any sense], absolutely vital to victory? Of course not. The way Manning has been slinging the ball this year, the Giants could run for 50 yards, and still beat the Patriots. Take into account a secondary that has been gashed all season, and it becomes even more clear that pounding the ball with Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw will certainly be on the back burner.

Where I DO tend to agree with Jeff, is that is the Giants CAN establish a ground game, I see no way that the Patriots win, unless their secondary causes fits for Eli. Kevin Gilbride, the Giants oft-stubborn offensive coordinator, rarely if ever lets the game become one sided. With Jake Ballard and Victor Cruz occupying the middle of the field, the Giants utilizing play-action could be the dagger in the Patriots hearts. To sum it all up? Do the Giants NEED to run the ball well? No. But if they do, it will spell trouble for the Pats.

Cruz danced to the tune of 1500 yards, 9 scores, and over 80 catches. He looks to pose problems for the Pats secondary

Lindsay Hanna, New York Giants [See? I’m not the only one…], Portland, ME

The New York Giants will win the Super Bowl if… Victor Cruz is consistent.

Trav: Coming from a true blue Giants fan, Lindsay has it spot on. The Giants could take this game even if Cruz only has 75 yards, as long as Nicks/Manningham/Ballard make up for it. What the Giants CAN’T afford, is for Vic to turn into a bonehead. Unless you watch the Giants on a consistent basis, you probably don’t know what I mean. Although it has improved greatly over the season, Victor Cruz had a bad case of butterfingers. Which, I’m certain is a pre-requisite for even being on this team in the first place. Hakeem Nicks might be the only player in NFL history to wear size XXXL gloves, and still drop balls at least once a week.

A tipped ball, and a fumble against Seattle cost the Giants a win, and a few other drops have come in crucial situations. Cruz is coming off a monster game against the Niners, with 10 catches, and over 140 yards. The chances that the Patriots can handle both Cruz and Nicks? Unlikely.

Aaron Hamilton, New England Patriots, Orono, ME

The New York Giants will win the Super Bowl if they… beat the Patriots.

Trav: I have seen the light! It’s so simple, yet, so… not.

Andrew Lieberman, New York Giants, Middletown, CT

The New York Giants will win the Super Bowl if they… hit Tom Brady early and often.

Trav: As evidenced in the previous mail-bag, I agree with this one more than any other. Rushing Tom Brady will almost always make playing the Patriots easier. Against the Niners, the Giants were able to rush only four down lineman, and still force Alex Smith into bad throws. Tom Brady will require a little more effort. Sebastian Vollmer will be crucial to the success of the offensive line next Sunday, as he will be handling Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck. As well as Solder as held up when called upon, it will be far easier to get to TFB if Seabass misses this game.

To ease the minds of Giants fans, Perry Fewell, as we have all witnessed, has been a master at mixing up his blitzes this season. I like the idea of bringing a cornerback every once in a while against Brady, especially if we have all three defensive ends on the field. Force Brady to one side, and bring Corey Webster in for a blitz. Worst case scenario, we get a free shot on Tom. What, you don’t seriously think Chad Ochocinco is catching a deep bomb do you?

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