Totally Biased Top 5: Reasons To Be Excited For The NBA Season

That’s right my faithful followers, friends, family, and co-workers, I bring to you something you have all been waiting for. As most of you now know, the NBA recently ended it’s lockout, and is resuming games on December 25th, assuming the players union can lock up the 200+ signatures they need to assemble the union again.

Although many of us frown on the NBA, and it’s lack of good officiating at times [At times = 75%], we here at Totally Biased are still dedicated to bringing you bits and pieces from all three major sports. Sorry NHL fans.

A good majority of us will most likely still prefer watching the NFL playoffs, following the hot stove of the MLB offseason, and of course, unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, there is still a small percent of us who are still excited for the NBA season to finally kick off. Below, I have profiled five reasons to be excited, and a few things to keep your eyes on as the season progresses. I hope you enjoy reading this article more than I did writing it. Wait, what?

5. The Final Stage of Kobe Bryant

The Black Mamba is the ripe old age of 33. Think about that for a second. We as fans tend to treat these aging stars as if they are headed towards their death bed at any given moment, and we fear that they may collapse and die right before our eyes as they pull up for a jumper in double coverage. In reality, 33 is a great place to be. This means Kobe is a mere 13 years older than I am. In any normal man’s life, he is right into the meat of living. He’s settled down in a decent career, building a family with a beautiful wife, and getting charged with rape. Wait, what? All joking aside, it’s funny when you bring these things into perspective.

Of course, 33 is more like 60 in basketball years, so if Kobe wants to capture that 6th ring, like Jordan did with the Bulls, he needs to lock it down, and soon. Bryant recently traveled to Germany to get experimental knee surgery. Was this illegal? Who knows. Crazy? Definitely. Were any nurses harmed in the injection of Mr. Bryant? Most likely yes. But they won’t testify. Bryant and the Lakers have a legitimate shot if they can edge out Dallas in the West. Look for this potential playoff matchup to be a good one.

4. The Games Matter… Just a BIT More

One of the major criticisms of the NBA and MLB is that due to the huge schedule, 82 games for the NBA, a whopping 162 for the MLB, the games don’t have the same meaning as they do in the NFL, where each of the 16 tilts prove just as important as the last, and next one. Due to the lockout however, this season will only have 62 games. Look for conference games to matter just a bit more, and for those classic rivalry games to have a nastier edge, as teams battle for crucial wins.

3. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul’s Impending Trade/Free Agency

Who knows just how far the salary changes will reach until the entire CBA is laid out. It will affect plenty of teams, especially those trying to trade for the big man in Orlando, and the leagues most diverse point guard [Sorry Celtics fans, Paul can actually shoot]. They both have expiring contracts after this season, and the rumors have already begun flying around. Will Dwight end up in Los Angeles with Kobe? Will Paul go to the Big Apple to join good friends Carmelo Anothony and Amare Stoudemire? Your guess is as good as mine.

2. Derrick Rose and His Quest to Repeat as MVP

Derrick Rose is exactly what Chicago needed last season. A fiery, impassioned player to give everything in his tank, especially when the team struggled with a plethora of injuries. Joakim Noah missed a lot of action, as did off-season acquisition Carlos Boozer. D-Rose locked up the MVP Award last season, the youngest to ever do so, thanks to a statline of: 25-7.7-4.1 per game in points, assists, and rebounds respectively. Rose has been vocal that he will not recruit any free agents and that if the team wants to go after someone, he’s all for it, but he always makes a point to mention that he’s fine with the teammates in his foxhole.

1. The Miami Heat… 3 More Chances

The Miami LeBron’s lost last year to the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals, which at this point, the entire world knows. Why bring it up? Because it was fun to type. I’m not a Heat hater whatsoever, but watching the Big German get a ring was something special. BronBron and Wade were originally paired up for four years together. With one of those already down the tube, they have three more chances to win a ring… not five rings… not six… not seven. Just. One.

I have always said, although the Heat can very easily lose a single game, to anyone really, I always felt they were good enough to be able to beat any team in the league in a seven game series. If it wasn’t for LeBron James and his 4th quarter disappearing act, that would be true. The Heats biggest competition? Themselves. And I don’t mean that to sound cliche.


That about sums it up people. I hope you much success in your fantasy leagues [Unless of course, you’re playing me ;)], and hope your favorite team can make a solid run at the championship!

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