Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 12

Well, here we are, on the verge of Week 12, the leaves are almost done falling, Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I’m this week’s winner. Again. A few more weeks of this and we’ll offically be calling it the Kris Kauffman Experience: NFL Picks. Week 11 went exactly as everyone had hoped it would, The Packers kept their “impressive” win streak alive, the Patriots crushed the Chiefs and the Giants lost! With injuires mounting and the weather getting colder, the next six weeks of football will be the most important going into January.

Week 12 features a number of marquee match-ups that everyone will be sure to love. The three Thanksgiving games will be headlined by the Detroit at Green Bay match-up followed by Miami at Dallas and the “Harbaugh Bowl” San Fransisco at Baltimore. Detroit is looking to stay on top of the wild card chase against the 10-0 Packers and the Cowboys look to keep the ball rolling against the Dolphins, who have been exceptional as of late. The 9-1 and NFC West-leading San Fransisco 49ers come into Baltimore sporting a 8 game winning streak and one of the best defenses in the NFL. All are very intriguing match-ups but there are 13 other games to be played.

Several other games to watch this week will be Monday Night’s match-up of the 6-4 New York Giants and the 7-3 New Orleans Saints. The Saints look to stay on top of the NFC South divsion and the Giants need a win to stay even with the Dallas Cowboys. Another game of interest will be the Chicago Bears at the Oakland Raiders. With Jay Cutler hurting his poor, wittle thumb the Bears are forced to start Caleb Hanie, who hasn’t thrown a pass this season, and Oakland will look to take advantage of the new starter.

Week 11’s “Lock of the Week” proved that we should pick the Patriots every week from now on. The Patiots are coming off a 34-3 trouncing of the Chiefs on Monday Night. Rob Gronkowski stole the show, recording 4 receptions for 96 yards and 2 acrobatic touchdowns, leaving us with this question.. Is Gronkowski the best TE in the league? For Week 12’s “Lock of the Week” we don’t have much to choose from as each game looks to be great and fun to watch. Be sure to let us know how your picks went and check us out next week to see how bad Travis lost, again!

Travis: 45 – 25
Kris: 43 – 27
Lock of the Week: 4 – 1


San Fransisco 49’ers @ Baltimore Ravens

Trav: Baltimore Ravens
Kris: San Francisco 49’ers

Kris: The Harbaugh brothers meet for the first time on the field for one of the three Thanksgiving Day games, which is sure to be a good one. The 9-1 49’ers head over to Baltimore to take on the 7-3 Ravens. Both teams rank in the top 5 in defense and both are coming off big wins against division foes. With the inconsisency of the Ravens, I’m going with the 8-game winning streak of the 49ers in a close game.

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers

Trav: Green Bay Packers
Kris: Detroit Lions

Trav: If there is a remaining team on the Packers schedule that has a solid chance to take them down, it’s the Giants. Next up on the list, the Detroit Lions. That being said, I don’t think it will happen from the Detroit Lions. Look for Aaron Rodgers to excel on the big stage, and light up the scoreboards.

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys

Trav: Dallas Cowboys
Kris: Dallas Cowboys

Trav: Tony Romo has been killing it as of late, and thanks to the Giants faltering against the mighty Pigeons, ummm, I mean Eagles, the Cowgirls can finally smell the promised land, pulling into a dead tie with the Big Blue with a 6-4 record. Romo has a habit of killing it on Thanksgiving, putting up 5 TD’s a few years ago. Dallas will own this one.

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

Trav: Cincinnati Bengals
Kris: Cincinnati Bengals

Trav: The Bengals have been rolling, even though they lost to the Ravens last Sunday, they could definitely pocket it as a moral victory. They should be able to roll over a weak Browns team. Look for Dalton to have a big game, even without star wideout AJ Green.

Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons

Trav: Atlanta Falcons
Kris: Atlanta Falcons

Kris: Atlanta has been on a roll as of late and needs to beat the Vikings to stay in the hunt for a Wild Card. Minnesota lost Adrian Peterson to an injury in Week 11 in a loss to the Raiders at home and need Christian Ponder to step in order to keep this game close. I think Michael Turner and the Falcons will be too much for the Vikes and will handle this game easily.

Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts

Trav: Carolina Panthers
Kris: Carolina Panthers

Trav: Cam Newton has been slowed after a huge start, thanks in part to opponents blanketing his number one target Steve Smith. The Colts are still an extremely weak team, and every single week we think they might get a win, they let us, the general public, down. I’m not falling for that one again. Look for Newton and Carolina to add another “W.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Tennessee Titans

Trav: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kris: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kris: Tampa Bay, although losing, put up 26 points on the 10-0 Packers and have reason to be optimistic. Tennessee almost came away with a win against Atlanta on Sunday but couldn’t finish the job, losing 23-17. Jake Locker could be making his first NFL start this week and Tampa Bay could smelling blood when the rookie quarterback makes his debut. I think Tampa can come away with the win if they run the ball and limit it’s mistakes.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars 

Trav: Houston Texans
Kris: Houston Texans

Kris: The 7-3 Texans, coming off a bye, are headed to Jacksonville to take on the 3-7 Jaguars. The Jags are coming off a dissapointing loss to the Cleveland Browns, no less. With Matt Schaub out, due to a injury that could sideline him for the season, the Texans will start Matt Leinart for the first time all year. I think with a heavy dose of Arian Foster and with the Texans’ defense, this should be an easy win for Houston.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets

Trav: New York Jets
Kris: New York Jets

Trav: This one’s for you, Grandpa Bell. I love you. RIP 11/18/2011

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams

Trav: Arizona Cardinals
Kris: St. Louis Rams

Trav: Do you know what I’m NOT thankful for? The crappy NFC West, because it delivers horrible match-ups like this one. As Kris would say, just flip a coin. The Rams are at home, which give them a slight advantage, but I think Arizona can edge them out, as St. Louis has made it a habit of disappointing this year.

Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders

Trav: Chicago Bears
Kris: Oakland Raiders

Trav: Even though Cutler is out with his thumb injury, don’t discount what the Bears have done this season, and what is on the line for them. If Green Bay falters down the stretch against Detroit and the G-Men, Chicago and the Lions will have a chance at claiming the NFC North. Chicago can still beat Oakland, and they will.

Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks

Trav: Seattle Seahawks
Kris: Seattle Seahawks

Kris: Seattle continues to make me scratch my head. Every week is different with this team, from beating the Steelers and Ravens to losing 3 straight. Now Seattle is riding a 2-game win streak and hosts the once 3-1 Redskins, that has now lost 6 straight. I expect the Seahawks to continue their path of “destruction” against the Redskins.

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Trav: San Diego Chargers
Kris: Denver Broncos

Kris: Tim Tebow wins games. Philip Rivers loses them. I’m picking Denver.

New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles

Trav: Philadelphia Eagles
Kris: New England Patriots

Kris: The Patriots, 7-3, have been playing better and better on defense every week but havn’t been themselves on offense as of late. Luckily, they have a fairly easy road to the postseason ahead of them as they take on the “Dream Team,” the Philidelphia Eagles. Without Vick, the Eagles will have a tough time against the Patriots if they can’t generate more than 17 points. With Vick, Philly will be in better standing but have played sloppily in recent games, losing to the Cardinals in Week 10. The Pats need a win to be on top of the AFC.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Trav: Pittsburgh Steelers
Kris: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kris: This pick shouldn’t be that hard for anyone. The Patriots’ 32nd ranked defense recorded 3 interceptions and 3 sacks on Kansas City’s Tyler Palko. Pittsburgh has one of the top ranked defense in the NFL and will have a field day with the Chiefs.

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints

Trav: New Orleans Saints
Kris: New Orleans Saints

Trav: I’m biased, but I’m not an idiot. *Sigh*


Thanks for tuning in to Totally Biased. Be sure to check us out next week as we break down every game for you and be sure to comment and rate us. We hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving and enjoy Week 12!

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