Totally Biased Top 10: What We Learned in Week 11

As the NFL world turns, we as spectators take in loads of stats, figures, and video clips every week encompassing the sport we all know and love. Buried somewhere underneath all the bravado, comeback stories, and weekly ass whopping put on lowly franchises such as Seahawks, and Rams, there lies a creamy mixture of pure hard fact.

That is why, finally, following this weeks action, we here at Totally Biased are going to start a brand new tradition. Myself, and sometimes alongside Pat Cormier, of Superbowl Prediction lore, will list out the top 5, or 10, things that we learned during that week’s action. I hope you find yourself picking up on things you might not have known, or finally finding someone to agree with you in something you’ve believed since week one. Comments, rates, and votes always appreciated! Enjoy.


5. The Giants and Chargers are tied atop the Inconsistency Leaderboard

This handshake reeks of second half failure

Trav: Every year, the Chargers are picked by a handful of analysts to go to the big show. Great QB, athletic WR, and an oft stout defense. Every year, they let people down. Philip Rivers has 21 turnovers in what quickly turned into a lost season. On the flip side, the Giants are almost ALWAYS predicted to finish behind the Eagles and Cowboys. Year after year, they start out 6-2 [three years in a row now…], and as soon as the second half starts, they falter. Many people blame Coughlin for this, but shouldn’t. A deeper look will show how notorious the G-Men schedule is for an easy start, and brutal finish. Either way, these teams to find themselves… and soon.

4. Christian Ponder CAN be a good QB

I was able to watch Ponder play for the first time this weekend, and the kid could be a great quarterback. His main flaws are his somewhat wild accuracy, and his turnovers in the utmost worst situations, like being in the redzone, on the verge of capitalizing. He moves effortlessly in the pocket, and is the fastest white QB I’ve seen in years. Minnesota is wise to give him a chance.

... Pathetic

3. Chris Johnson… What. A. Shame.

Trav: Chris Johnson: 160 carries, 509 yds, 3.2 AVG, 2 TD’s

Just when you thought that Johnson was on the right track again, after ripping through Carolina for 130 yards on 27 carries, Johnson reminds you that he is in fact, Chris Johnson, and promptly screw it up with a 13 yard, 12 carry performance. It’s been a rough season for the million dollar man…

If only his TD-INT ratio was as nice as his beard

2. How to NOT handle a contract situation

Trav: You know those instances, where something happens in sports, and you feel like EVERY single TV personality on ESPN wants to blast it, but they know that’s not right? Well, hello Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contract. Fitzy signed a six year contract extension, worth 59 million dollars, after Buffalo shut out the Washington Redskins three weeks ago.

Now let’s just assume that Fitzy earned that entire contract with how he played this season. Which is in fact, true. If he had played like shit, Buffalo wouldn’t have resigned him after his contract ended this season. Buffalo opened up with Kansas City, and killed them, 41-7. KC was expected to be good this year, but has royally sucked. Fitzy then beat the Raiders by three, the vaunted Pats by the same amount, and then suffered a defeat to the surprise Bengals, again, by only three. A 7-point victory over the Eagles, and a loss to the Giants by the same amount preceeded the aforementioned 24-0 victory over the Skins.

At that point, Fitzy had 14 TD’s, 7 INT’s, about 1650 yards, and a 65% completion percentage. Wow. Talk about getting rich, and very quick.

Of COURSE he came down with the TD...

1. Rob Gronkowski is the NFL’s best tight end

Gronkowski has really stepped up his game as of late, coming through in the clutch with huge TD catches. He secured the go ahead score late in the game with the Giants, before of course, the New England defense would embarassed against the exceptional and ELIte Manning. He answered again this Monday night, with two huge TD catches against the Chiefs, as the second had him landing directly on his head. Gronk is chasing TE records, as he edged Mike Ditka for least games needed to reach 20 TD’s, doing it in 26 games, after it took Ditka 31.

Gronk is also best where it matters most, in the red zone. Over the last two seasons, he ranks 1st in RZ TD’s, with 17, and 2nd in receptions and receiving yards, with 23 and 200 respectively. Gronkowski is officially the best tight end in the NFL.


Check back next week, where hopefully Pat and myself will break down action from the Week 12 games!

One Response to “Totally Biased Top 10: What We Learned in Week 11”
  1. Justin Yattaw says:

    You forgot to talk about what else makes Gronk so good. Catches and TDs are definitely important, but he’s a phenomenal blocker, too. There are very few TEs in the league as complete as Gronk. His catching and big play ability outshines his other abilities. Dude gets it. PERIOD.

    There’s also the fact that he’s getting us hundreds of views, but hey, I digress.

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