Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 11

Now that Travis had been dethroned, for good, my reign of terror has begun. It’s now time to rip Travis to shreds from this week on and to have him begging for mercy by the end of the football year. After another stellar week of NFL football we move onward to Week 11, a weekend filled with crowd-pleasers, such as Seattle at St. Louis and Jacksonville at Cleveland, to the not-so-spectacular games like Philly at the New York Giants. All of the real action will be taking place on Monday Night Football as “America’s Team,” the New England Patriots, take on the Mighty Kansas City Chiefs in a game for the ages.

Several games this week will be crucial in mapping out the divisional races. Cincinnati heads to Baltimore for a game that will surely be one to watch as both teams are coming off huge losses and need a win to stay even with the division-leading Pittsburgh Steelers. The Falcons will be hosting the 5-4 Titans, who look to stay over .500 and fight for a potential playoff spot and gain a game on the Houston Texans. Also, the Chargers are headed to Chicago to take on a Bears team that’s carrying a 4 game winning streak and looking to continue with a win over a Chargers team that has, recently, played poorly.

Four teams have also decided not to play this week due to sheer boredom. Houston, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, all 7-3, and the 0-10 Colts are skipping out on this week’s action to rest players and prepare for their next halves of the season. Expect these teams to be back, and playing, in Week 12. Well… mostly…

As for the Lock of the Week, we sincerely apologize from the bottom of our hearts for the INCORRECT pick in Week 10. Instead of going for a much safer pick in Green Bay over Minnesota, we decided to choose an inconsistent Baltimore team that has let us down in the past. We promise to never pick such a waste of league space again and will give nothing but our 110% in the Week 11 Lock of the Week. Give or take 100% or so.

Season Standings

Travis: 37 – 19
Kris: 33 – 23
Lock of the Week: 3-1


Kris: New York Jets
Trav: New York Jets

Trav: Sanchez and the Jets were absolutely roasted by Tom Brady and company on Sunday night, and look to bounce back against the Denver Tebow’s. The best cornerback in the league, Darrelle Revis, is already claiming his biggest challenge will be trying to stay awake against the boring “option offense” of the Broncos. I sadly agree. Jets could win this one handedly, especially if Tebow is forced to throw.

Kris: Oakland Raiders
Trav: Minnesota Vikings

Kris: The visiting Raiders look to slow down one of the league’s best running backs in Adrian Peterson and remain on top of the AFC West. The Vikings are coming off a complete stomping at the hands of the Packers. I feel like this match-up will be much closer than expected, I’ve got the Raiders winning this one.

Kris: Buffalo Bills
Trav: Buffalo Bills

Trav: The Bills still have an outside chance of competing for the AFC East crown, albeit a slim one. The division leading Patriots only have one team left to play with a record over .500, and the total winning percentage of their remaining schedule is a dismal .378. That means for Buffalo to have a shot, they need to win the games that they SHOULD win. This is one of them

Kris: Baltimore Ravens
Trav:  Cincinnati Bengals

Kris: Probably this week’s most intriguing game as both teams are 6-3 and both are making a push towards the playoffs. Both have top-notch defenses but injuries have limited their play recently. The Ravens last week lost to the Seahawks on the road 22-17 and the Bengals lost a to the division-leading Steelers 24-17. One of them has to bounce back and I think that team is the Ravens.

Kris: Jacksonville Jaguars
Trav: Jacksonville Jaguars

Kris: Coin Flip for this one, is not required. Both teams are atrocious to watch and extremely boring. Go outside or watch the NASCAR series instead. Jags win a shootout, 3 – 0.

Kris: Dallas Cowboys
Trav: Dallas Cowboys 

Trav: Dallas is gaining ground on the G-Men in the NFC East, and a win over Washington help greatly. With both games with the Giants left on the schedule, taking place on Weeks 14, and 17, it will be those games that will determine who takes this division. However, a win against a reeling Washington team with quarterback insecurities won’t hurt.

Kris: Green Bay Packers
Trav: Green Bay Packers

Trav: Green Bay is decimating opponents left and right. Is there any reason for that to stop against a mediocre Buccaneer team? No, sir. No, there is not. Rodgers will continue to surge towards an MVP award, and perhaps the best season for any quarterback in NFL history.

Kris: Detroit Lions
Trav: Detroit Lions

Trav: With the NFC wildcard race quickly heating up, with Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, and Chicago all major players, every game is becoming more and more crucial. Although Detroit was just embarrassed by Jay Cutler and the upstart Bears, they will bounce back at home against the Cam Newton led Carolina Pussycats.

Kris: Seattle Seahawks
Trav: St. Louis Rams

Kris: This game could actually pan out to be a pretty interesting match-up… Oh who am I kidding, your best bet is to flip a coin to choose the winner. I’ve got heads, and it was the Seahawks.

Kris: San Francisco 49’ers
Trav: San Francisco 49’ers

Kris: Arizona has won its last two games, most surprisingly over the Eagles, and looks to hand San Fransisco its second loss of the season. The 49ers’ haven’t allowed a single rushing touchdown and I see that trend continuing. 49ers win.

Kris: Atlanta Falcons
Trav: Atlanta Falcons

Trav: After what could be described as the worst call of the century, that is, Mike Smith having Atlanta go for it, on 4th and 1, from their own 29… In overtime, I truly expect Atlanta to bounce back and trounce the Titans. Atlanta is competing in the NFC South with the Saints, and need every win down the stretch

Kris: Chicago Bears
Trav: Chicago Bears

Kris: San Diego has had it’s fair share of ups and downs throughout the season. After two straight losses, most recently to Oakland on Thursday, the Chargers look to bounce back over a formidable foe in the Chicago Bears. The Bears, 6-3, completely shut down a high-powered Detroit Lions team and is riding a four game winning streak. I think the Bears will be more than what the Chargers can handle. Bears win at home.


Kris: New York Giants
Trav: New York Giants

Trav: We at “Totally Biased” have decided to introduce a new concept, after our Baltimore debacle last week. That hazard logo up there? That means that this game has been chosen, by us, your football genius’ as the “At Your Own Risk” Game of the Week. We give out this little award for the game that may appear to be lopsided, but deserves an extra look before filling in one of those boxes on your football card.

New York is at home, against a pitiful Eagles squad, that sports a record only three wins better than my non existent NFL team. What I’m going for here, is that Philly is 3-6, and if there was ever a game in NFL history that is a “Coffin Game”, this is it. The G-Men have already beaten Philly this year, so a second loss would absolutely destroy the City of Brotherly Love [Side note: When can they ditch that nickname? This is perhaps the douchiest sports city ever. And yes, I was including you, Boston]. But beware, because division games in the NFC East are always tough matchups. I obviously think Big Blue will take this one, but tread with caution.


Kris: New England Patriots
Trav: New England Patriots

Kris: Monday night football, Tom Brady and… Tyler Palko? The Chiefs introduce Tyler Palko as their starting QB due to the ex-Patriot, Matt Cassell, who has a signficant hand injury that could sideline him for the season. With the Patriots pass rush being revived by Andre Carter and Tom Brady being his old self, expect a very one-sided game going in New England’s favor.


That about wraps it up! Let us know how you’ve been doing, and leave us a comment on our Facebook page if you have an idea for an NFL themed article! Don’t worry… We’ll take the credit!

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