A Totally Biased Review: Wale’s Album “Ambition”

Ambition. A word that means a strong desire for achievement, success or distinction. We all have ambition. We all desire achievement and success. As for Wale’s newest album, Ambition, he defines it as something that is much more than a desire, but more as a hunger to reach your goals and dreams. Wale’s 2nd album is one not to be missed out on. From the jazzy beats and the soft piano keys to the hard gritty beats that get you pumped, this album is sure to be an instant classic.

From the very first song on the album to the very last, every song leaves you wanting more and more. His lyrics always seem to be right on point along with his quick flow make to be a killer combination. Wale also benefits from being nearly the only artist on the album, only featuring a handful of artists such as Kid Cudi, Meek Mill, and the boss himself, Rick Ross. All that being said let’s get into the nitty gritty.

From the start of the album you’ll witness Wale’s braggadcious dopeness. The songs “Don’t Hold Your Applause” and “Double M Genius” really grab your attention, being more of the typical Wale tracks, with him flexing his “lyrical biceps”. The beats are crazy good being more upbeat and jazzy, while pulling you into the rest of the album.

Maybach Music Group is quickly becoming one of the games best rap groups

“Ambition” definitely has some music for everyone. With the Wale’s poetic verses for the true fans, the hard beats and brutal verses for the bass thumpers and the smooth tracks for all the ladies. Songs like “White Linen Coolin” with a feature from RnB prince Ne-Yo and “Lotus Flower Bomb” featuring an outstanding performance from Miguel will defintely be hits for the girls. Others like “Focused”, “Sabotage” and “That Way” also deserve their fair share of radio play.

When it comes to my favorites it’s got to be a tie between all of them, I mean this is Totally Biased!? What did you think was gonna happen? But a few that I feel are getting overlooked have got to be “No Days Off” and “Legendary”. “No Days Off” is one of his best on the album and makes me want to never stop working, then I realize what I do for a living and think twice…”Legendary” has got a swagger of its own, a very braggadocious feel with Wale’s always intricate lyrics, “I Aspire for awesome and require some flossing/ Only way they gon listen, find it highly unfortunate/ Tryna see if real lyric spittin can buy me a Porsche/ Tryna see if I get my critics as silent as auctions”

As for the rest of the songs they are not to be missed out on. The title track “Ambition” features two other beasts from the Maybach Music Group, Meek Mill and Ricky Ross. The track starts off with a slow, soft tune and then Meek Mill comes in, destroys it and paves the road for Wale and Rick Ross. “They gonna love for my Ambition” – Wale (with Rick Ross’ signature ‘HUH’). Definately the albums hardest jam and is on repeat for me on a daily basis.  “Chain Music” is a bass thumping, high energy tune with Wale on the chorus along with a Rick Ross sample from his freestlye over the beat “Hard in the Paint” orginally preformed by Wake Flocka Flame. “Slight Work”, another high energy tune, featuring Detriot rapper Big Sean, has a siren in the beat that I find to be slightly annoying, but altogether a good song.

The last three songs to be mentioned are definitely not the least. “Miami Nights”, ” Illest Bitch” and “DC or Nothing” are all worth the time to take a listen to. “DC or Nothing” I feel is Wale’s most personal track out of them all, with him putting more emotion into the song. “Miami Nights” isn’t the Wale I’ve come to liking, with his more unothodox flaunting, but still a song worth jammin’. Then, theres “Illest Bitch”, for some reason I cant seem to get into this song. It’s not the stereotypical Wale track, it’s a slow beat, with surprisingly uplifting lyrics, that don’t seem to cater to the usual Wale audience. Although, I am being Totally Biased.

The Bonus track, “Bait”(which wasn’t on my CD), is a loud, heavy bass track that the whole family will enjoy…actually scratch that. It was featured on Wale’s mixtape The 11.1.11 Theory, the mixtape leading up to the Ambition album.

From the beats to the lyrics, Wale's sophmore album is nothing short of amazing.

Wale has produced in my eyes, a classic. For the true Wale fans, it’ll be in their playlists for years to come, for everyone else, it’ll be an album that you shouldn’t skip out on. The Maybach Music Group as a whole is taking over the industry and will be putting out tons more music. Rick Ross’ new album “God Forgives, I Don’t” will be hitting stores December 13th and will sure to be a classic just as Ambition is.

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