Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 10

Travis gets the last laugh against Pats fans, while he and Kris break down all of the Week 10 match-ups, and deliver yet again, a lock of the week for you survivor junkies!

Well, well, well. What have we here.

Week nine went about exactly as I expected. I completely lambasted Kris (again), and the G-Men had a last second comeback against the vaunted, and NINE POINT favorite New England Patiots (…again). For the sake of not insulting a large group of my readers, I’ll leave it at this. Your defense is absolute shit, and they can’t stop a nosebleed when they’re counted on. We beat you by four, and we were missing our number one receiver, starting running back, and starting center. To top it all off, YOU WERE AT HOME, no less. Pathetic.

Week ten is just over the horizon, and there are plenty of huge divisional games, eight of them to be exact. More than one of course, will most likely have very big effects on the divisional race, where Cincy looks to stay hot against a Pittsburgh team coming off the second most heartbreaking defeat of last week, and of course the Pats look to end a two game skid with a huge game in New York against the J-E-T-S.

Last week was traumatic for Kris, as we had a whopping four games different, with myself taking the cake on every single one, thanks to Miami’s first win, a Giant comeback, Patrick Peterson’s punt return in OT, and the Jets beating the Bills. Kris looks to bounce back, as we deliver a blurb about every game, and it’s up to you to decide who to go with. I’ll let the scoreboard do the talking ;)

Season Standings
Travis: 28-12
Kris: 23-17
Lock of the Week: 3-0


Trav: San Diego Chargers
Kris: San Diego Chargers

Trav: San Diego came insanely close to stopping Green Bay, as Vincent Jackson grabbed 3 TD’s, two of them coming in crunch time. It simply wasn’t enough at the end however. Fear not Bolts fans, as Oakland is definitely NOT Green Bay. San Diego should win this one in a blowout (especially with no McFadden)

Trav: Denver Broncos
Kris: Denver Broncos

Kris: Denver is coming off a huge game on the road against Oakland winning 38-24. Tebow showed poise and made great plays when they needed it most. Kansas city, well, they stunk on ice. Denver wins.

Trav: Indianapolis Colts
Kris: Indianapolis Colts

Trav: Hey, it worked last week, so I’m going to give it another go. The Colts still have playmakers, and I know they’re hungry for a win. The Jags have been solid, but less than impressive. If Indy is going to add something in the win column, they need to do it quick. Look for Indy in a close one.

Trav: Atlanta Falcons
Kris: New Orleans Saints

Trav: Julio Jones showed last week why he was worth trading up for. The rookie phenom dazzled spectators with three catches, but 161 yards worth, with two of them going for TD’s of 50, and 80 yards respectively. New Orleans has been good this year, but they’re not blowing out teams like critics expected them to do earlier this season. I think Atlanta can steal one at home.

Trav: Houston Texans
Kris: Houston Texans

Kris: Houston is a team that everyone should watch out for. With Arian Foster running the way he is, the Texans are sure to lock up the division. Tampa played New Orleans strong but didn’t have enough firepower. Ive got Houston winning a good one.

Trav: Pittsburgh Steelers
Kris: Pittsburgh Steelers

Kris: This is gonna be a great match up. Both teams are fighting for what could be the strongest division in football. Cincinnati is on a 5 game winning streak and Pittsburgh coming in with the number one ranked pass defense. I see a whole lot of defense in this one. Pitt wins in a great game.

Trav: Tennessee Titans
Kris: Carolina Panthers

Trav: Perhaps the game hardest to choose this week was this match up between rookie sensation Cam Newton, and the worst player on planet Earth (on the performance/contract amount scale), perennial bum, Chris Johnson. I think Carolina could surprise some people, especially at home, but I think Tennessee is going to come in and swipe one from the Panthers this week. Carolina is allowing 133 rushing yards per game, 27th in the league, so if CJ2YPC is going to break out, it might be here.

Trav: Philadelphia Eagles
Kris: Philadelphia Eagles

Kris: Philadelphia may be the leagues most inconsistent team, but up against the Cardinals they might have a chance to get back on track. Vick and his dawgs roll.

Trav: Dallas Cowboys
Kris: Buffalo Bills

Trav: This is definitely a game of the week candidate. Dallas beat St. Louis last week, but the game was closer than they liked. The week before, they were down by almost 30 at halftime to the high flying Eagles. I think Dallas knows how important this game is, but Buffalo does as well, since a victory will move them ahead of either the Jets or the Pats, whomever break in their contest. I think Dallas takes it, but in true Cowboys fashion, just barely.

Trav: St. Louis Rams
Kris: St. Louis Rams

Kris: Last time I picked against Cleveland they won a thriller 6-3 over Seattle. I don’t expect much of a shoot out in this game either. Steven Jackson will run on the Browns all day. Rams cruise.

Trav: Miami Dolphins
Kris: Miami Dolphins

Trav: It’s pretty simple. Miami is at home, and John Beck is still the QB for the Redskins. That about sums this one up. I feel bad for anyone in either of these teams market. I would rather watch Desperate Housewives, or any Lifetime movie (#RelationshipSwag)

Trav: Baltimore Ravens
Kris: Baltimore Ravens

Kris: So far I’ve picked all the roads teams to win. That trend SHOULD continue in this weeks “Lock of the Week”. Baltimore won a pivotal game over the Steelers. I don’t see the Seahawks putting up much of a fight.

Trav: New York Giants
Kris: San Francisco 49’ers [Editors Note: … Douche – Trav]

Trav: The long and windy road continues for Big Blue, as they travel to Candlestick for a show down with the NFL’s new Cinderella team, the 49’ers. Harbaugh will almost assuredly have his team ready for the battle, and the G-Men are counting on Hakeem Nicks and Ahmad Bradshaw to return from their injuries. If not, look for Victor Cruz and Brandon Jacobs to step it up again. Frank Gore could destroy the Giants DL and LB’s, but the Giants know that going into the contest. Should be a close one.

Trav: Detroit Lions
Kris: Chicago Bears

Kris: I’ve got a feeling! That feeling is Chicago winning its 3rd game in a row, over a Detroit team that has had its fair share of ups and downs. Another great division game but I’ve got to go with the home team, Chicago, on this one. Also, of Calvin Johnson is Megatron, what does that make Jay Cutler? Megan Fox?

Trav: New England Patriots
Kris: New England Patriots

Kris: Ok. Totally UNBIASED, if I was a random, uneducated, mildly incompetent individual, I would take New Englad 10 times out of 10 in this matchup. New England has lost 2 straight and face the Evil New York Jets.  Coach Belichick will won’t let a 3rd straight loss happen.

Trav: Green Bay Packers
Kris: Green Bay Packers

Trav: Last time these two matched up, I said that if Green Bay wasn’t up by 40 at halftime, I’d be surprised. Well, with about 4 minutes left, Ponder had a chance to drive his team 85 yards and win the damn game. So I’m not making that mistake again. That being said, if Green Bay isn’t up by 30 at half time, I’d be surprised (Sorry, Dad)


That about wraps it up guys! Let us know if you have any NFL questions you’d like answered for a future article, and make sure to let us know how you’re doing in your respective leagues!

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