A Totally Biased Album Review: Mac Miller’s Debut Album “Blue Slide Park”

Rap albums are something that can only be judged for what they are, and what the artist is trying to get across. The rap and hip-hop world is expanding by the second, and so many different artists are trying to get a piece of the economic pie. There are rappers like Eminem, who deliver insane bars, and literally don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about them, with commercial sales being something of a silver medal, with the fans coming first.

Rapper like J. Cole, who blend a CD perfectly, with 75% of the album being strictly for the true fans, those who followed him from “The Come Up”. The other 25% devoted to radio play, something that a young artist like J. Cole needs to develop a more concrete fan base.

The final major category, are the rappers who are very in tune with what people want, and what is going to maximize their profit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it just is what it is. Mac’s mixtapes are off the chain. “KIDS” was one of the best tapes I’d heard at the time, and is still in my top 10 for plays on iTunes. “Best Day Ever”, his most recent mix excursion was also incredible.

So the question must be asked, why change what isn’t broken? Does Mac fit under the category that critics have dubbed “Weed Rap”? Of course he does. But the funny thing is, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and plenty of others will laugh themselves all the way to the bank, and with millions of fans chasing them on the way.


The cover for Miller's debut album was designed by his older brother. We are unsure of his mental capacity at this time.

1. “English Lane” [1:35]

An introductory track of sorts, the song opens up with the sounds of kids playing on a park in the background. Chill beat, regardless of how small it is. Mac is prepping us for the journey to Blue Slide Park.

“Sometimes I just wanna go
Back to Blue Slide Park,
the only place I call home

I hope it’s never all gone, don’t think it’s ever all gone”

2. “Blue Slide Park” [2:25]

The first of many tracks produced by I.D. Labs, it’s a quick jam, but worth playing loud. The chorus is short, but Mac keeps it rapid fire with verses coming a mere fifteen seconds apart. This one is going to be hit or miss, and I’ll take the former for sure.

“Hey, I got these Ray-Ban shades
Kinda look like somethin’ Lennon would rock
It seems like now I got a couple bags whenever I shop”

3. “Party on Fifth Ave.” [2:53]

Thank God that verses are dynamite, with incredible flow, because I have no problem saying the chorus is borderline awful. True Mac fans will also recognize the beetlejuice line, as one he has referred to often. Still, the track is a banger, and will sure to get plenty of plays at parties. A perfect example of Mac pleasing his fan base.

“Hey, hey, been around the world and back, yeah I did that
Still kick raps in cars and packs, so where’s my kids at?
These muthafuckas hatin’, soundin’ funnier than Sinbad
I’m ill as the pills that they give you when you collapse”

4. “PA Nights” [3:04]

The beat on this track is completely dope. My favorite on the entire track, it is unique for sure. There really isn’t much else to say. Mansions on the Moon set up Mac for domination with the space like backdrop. One of the slower jams, but it still goes hard, with a mixtape feel (that’s a compliment people…).

“Pennsylvania nights, 9:30 flights
Thinking to myself, where does all this go?
No time to care, more I can share
By now, this life is all I know”

It's like the reverse PGA Tour

5. “Frick Park Market” [3:17]

First of all, let me say, every single hip-hop music video should be done exactly like this one was. Rex Arrow is completely underreated as a video director. All of their videos are fire. FPM had a dope beat, not too fast, but not too slow. Mac changed it up with rhyme scheme, which was nice. I’m glad “Donald Trump” didn’t make the album, because these two songs sound too similar.

“I got my own stickers now so literally I’m everywhere
Hundred different shoes still feel the need to cop a fresher pair
These motherfuckers treat me like it’s just my second year
Fool you better get prepared, Don’t know ‘bout you but all my rhymes is deadly here”

6. “Smile Back” [2:44]

The common, hater bashing track, Mac delivers on “Smile Back”. He loads up the barrel, cocks back, and takes aim at everyone who told him he would never make it. The pace is quick, and addictive. Mac also plans on it being his next single, so expect it to hit a radio station near you sometime soon!

7. “Under The Weather” [4:21]

What some people have been calling the best track on the disc, I disagree, but I definitely put it in my top five. Mac does his own chorus, which has a classic bluesy, old school hip-hop feel to it. Mac talks about what the fame has brought him so far, and the problems he’s encountered. The beat really drives this one home, but don’t let it take away from the lyrics. Killer track.

“I found that bein’ famous in reality, well it ain’t shit
Cause you could have the world in the palm of your hand
But it don’t mean a thing ‘til you change it”

8. “Of The Soul” [3:28]

One of the slower tracks on the album, it didn’t do much for me. It might be the relaxed way Miller goes after the beat, or, let me rephrase that, lets the beat come to him. One of the only throwaway tracks on the album, don’t be afraid to hit the skip button. I know I wasn’t.

“Now I’m just a pop sensation, fuck your expectations
I’mma be the best, have some patience
Thought that it was great, then poof!
It was nothing but some deja vu”

Mac Millers > Wiz Khalifa (Not even close)

9. “My Team” [2:23]

A quick track, but amped as fuck. From the get go. Mac goes insane on the beat, and the flow is the best on the album. If this isn’t played in the clubs when it drops, than I don’t know what will be. The beat has a dark little twist to it, and the bass kicks are awesome. Turn it up kids.

“Come and talk shit, who the boss bitch?
Moon the crowd now, Randy Moss shit
Sharks swimmin’ in the water you’ll get tossed in
I fuck her first class, I’m in the cockpit”

10. “Up All Night” [3:29]

Remember how I talked about pleasing your fan base? Mac Miller does it as good as anybody in the game right now. This is literally the definition of a party track. Usually these aren’t my thing, but this track is fucking great. The beat is incredibly catchy, and I dare you to not bump your head to that shit. Trust me, it can’t be done.

“Live life on the edge, sharper than a razor
Like my liquor straight, I don’t ever need no chaser
Have a good time, ain’t no reason we should fight
Party with me, we stayin’ up all night”

11 + 12. “Loitering” [3:11] & “Hole In My Pocket” [0:36]

I grouped these two tracks together, since the latter is an interlude of sorts before Mac closes the album on the final four tracks. Loitering REALLY can grow on you, and I can attest to that, because I absolutely hated it when I heard it the first time around. I’m still not a huge fan, as the beat is really an acquired taste.

“Ay yo I’m Blue Park slidin’, go-cart drivin’
Got this rap shit down to a science
My Louie belt way nicer than Orion’s, confined to an assignment
You won’t finish in the kitchen, like appliance”

13. “Diamonds and Gold” [3:20]

One of the realer tracks Mac goes in on, I was originally expecting a song about the bling, and the riches. Instead, Mac delivers a track about a girl willing to do anything to attain success, but refuses to let any man get too close. Doesn’t mean she won’t give you want though, as long as it furthers her career.

“She wants diamonds, she wants gold
But she’s scared to let you get too close
And she’s been high and she’s been low
But now she finally on her own”

Miller joins the ranks of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, on the list of debut albums that didn't disappoint

14. “Missed Calls” [2:59]

At this point it has to be brought to light how incredible the beats are for the album. I know I’ve brought them up a handful of times already, but when you’re a rap afficionado, the beats matter just as much as the rapper. Granted, a great rapper can destroy a garbage beat, but when if the two of them are fantastic separately, they’re even better when combined. Missed Calls is that song. The piano backdrop for the chorus is awesome, and something I haven’t seen Mac do before. Just a fire song, about a girl and Mac, and what happens when he gets too famous. Interestingly enough, it was the only track I replayed before moving on to the next track.

“We run into each other and it’s like we don’t even speak the same language
I guess people always going through changes
Didn’t think I would lose you once I got famous”

15. “Man In The Hat” [3:17]

FINALLY! My favorite cut off the album, and it’s not even up for discussion. Why? Because I’m the one behind the keyboard. In all honesty, Mac goes nuts on the track. Not only a party album, but something that reminds me of early Mac Miller, which is awesome. the chorus is extremely catchy, and the rhymes schemes flip like crazy. This should be the song people think of when they think of Mac Miller and Blue Slide Park.

“Boy a fool, wonder what’s cool
Tryin’ to figure out what to rhyme about
I heard your mans ran crying to his mommy and his daddy
When the cops drove by his house
So who you tryin’ to dial?
If you’re lookin’ for an answer, you’re probably gonna find it now
And to the man in the hat standing looking at his watch
Motherfucker, well the time is now”

16. “One Last Thing” [2:59]

A perfect ending to a premier album, Mac closes out “Blue Slide Park” with a chopped up beat about the home he longs to return to. This line really says it all.

You just entered into Blue Slide Park
The place where dreams comin’ true, that’s where you find heart
Up until the sun come up, yeah my crew grind hard
See me out throughout the day, but you won’t find me in the dark


Even with fantastic beats, we still needed someone to kill em... Mac Miller brought the body bag for BSP

I can confidently say, that while it might not have been the best album of the year, or even the week, but without a doubt, I.D. Labs will be very busy, because it damn sure had the best beats. Mac did his thing, going hard at plenty of tracks, with a few slower ones for the ladies too. When you listen to Mac you not only get what you came for, but you really feel deep down that he is happy with the places he has gotten, off such little promotion. He keeps his crew close, and he wants to live life to the fullest, with anyone willing to go for the ride.

Blue Slide Park? As Mac Miller would say… #DOPENESS

2 Responses to “A Totally Biased Album Review: Mac Miller’s Debut Album “Blue Slide Park””
  1. Jackie says:

    PA Nights, Under The Weather, My Team, Up All Night, Diamonds and Gold.

    #1 fav. tied PA Nights and Under The Weather.

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