Totally Biased NFL Midseason Award, Day 4: Defensive Player of the Year

In my eye’s, this award is practically the defensive MVP award. Of course, the MVP can be won by defensive players also, but it hasn’t been done since 1986, when coked up Lawrence Taylor was running around, doing lines, and literally destroying quarterbacks like cheap plywood. The award is generally reserved for signal callers and running backs, as it has only been won by other players three times since 1957.

The man. The myth. The cocai- I mean, legend.

The defensive player of the year, is another story entirely. It began in 1971, when Alan Page, a defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings won the award in it’s inaugural season. Since then, such defensive supermen like Mean Joe Greene, Lawrence Taylor (3 times), Mike Singletary (2), Reggie White (2), Ray Lewis (2), Michael Strahan and Troy Polamalu have able to call the award their own. The award has had many different winners as well, with no repeat winner since 2001, as compared with the MVP award, which Peyton Manning has had on his mantle 4 times since 2003.

This year, it’s been an extremely close race, and I would say this was probably my hardest award to hand out. Some defensive play makers fell just short, with the most popular being Charles Woodson, the CB for the Green Bay Packers. Woodson has wrapped up 26 ball carriers, but the stat that most stands out is his interceptions, totaling five already, with one of them being brought back for 6. Woodson has also added one sack, with seven pass deflections. If some voters use team record at the end of the season as a tiebreak of sorts, Woodson can win. This scenario doesn’t seem likely however, since six players have won the award with their teams not even making the playoffs, and one of them even saw his team go to a horrendous 2-14, which makes you wonder just who the hell Cortez Kennedy was stopping.

Well, I think it happening again. I think the award winner this year will be one mean, mulleted, mustachioed, mammoth from Minnesota. Damn. That sounds good.

NFL Defensive Player of the Year

AND he wears #69... Cmon, this is too easy...

Jared Allen, DE, Minnesota Vikings

It really is simple people. If you break the NFL single season sack record, it is almost guaranteed you’re going to take home top honors, which is exactly what Allen is on pace to do this year. He’s led the Vikings, and the NFL, in sacks, almost from day one, and after eight contests, he comes in with a towering 12.5 sacks. Not only that, but the games in which you want your leaders to stand out, is against your biggest rivals, and Allen has done MORE than just stand up. He literally owns real estate in the Green Bay backfield. Since 2008, when Aaron Rodgers took over, Allen has 11.5 sacks in 8 games.

Known more for his cattle roping dance, Allen should be known for a lot more. He’s a huge American man, always preaching the importance of supporting the soldiers, and has made numerous USO trips over the course of his career. He’s also a down to Earth guy, always citing that he came from the “Culinary Academy”, during pregame introductions on Sunday Night, and Monday Night Football. During the season, Allen also visits a bar in Minnesota, and records a podcast directly on site, fielding questions given to him by a host. if you haven’t listened, do so, because it’s a riot.

Allen has his priorities in order, unlike many other NFL stars

The most important thing on Allen’s schedule however is presumably his chase to Michael Strahan’s single season sack record of 22.5. Allen could almost certainly get there with the way he’s playing this season. His opposing D-Line teammate, has 4.5 sacks, and does a good job keeping the other side distracted as well. Allen’s biggest challenge however, could come from the offense. If he is to get the record, he needs opponents to throw, throw, and throw again. If the Minnesota offense can keep the team in games, Allen will have plenty more chances to get to the quarterback.

The schedule however, is not too favorable, in that regard. They have contests with the Raiders, Redskins, Denver, and Chicago, all of which are quickly becoming rush first teams. Allen still has a game remaining against Rodgers, and one with Brees also, so there is hope over the horizon. I truly believe Allen has a great chance at the sack record, and we as NFL faithful could be witnessing history. If he does indeed capture the prestigious milestone, Defensive Player of the Year will be the icing on the cake.

2 Responses to “Totally Biased NFL Midseason Award, Day 4: Defensive Player of the Year”
  1. RogueFanatic says:

    I always through Jared Allen was pretty obnoxious, but no one can deny how well he is playing this year…nice post.

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