Totally Biased NFL Midseason Award, Day 2: AP Rookie’s of the Year

The second article in the NFL Midseason Award series, if you missed article one, check it out!


Adrian Peterson, Vince Young, Sam Bradford, Matt Ryan, and even the immortal Anthony Thomas (who?), have all taken home the Associated Press Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Such defensive stalwarts as Lawrence Taylor, Derrick Thomas, and more recently Patrick Willis and Ndamukong Suh have taken home sister award, handed out to defensive players.

This year, however, has been chock full of potential busts. Anyone who has seen a Jacksonville Jaguars game knows exactly what I’m talking about. Like every decent draft though, there have been a few gems that have emerged as well.

Through eight games, I believe the following two men have been clear cut favorites to win the award, almost from the moment that they were drafted. What the rest of their career holds, we will have to wait and see, but for now, we should sit back, and enjoy the ride

AP Midseason Offensive Rookie of the Year

Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers
2,393 yds, 11 TD’s, 9 INT, 60.6 Comp % … 63 att, 319 yds, 7 TD’s

Newton has been the most exciting player in the NFL, bar none. More exciting than Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, and Aaron Rodgers. If you watch the ESPN Top Ten on a Sunday night, it’s almost a guarantee that Newton will make his weekly appearance. Although he’s only led the Carolina Panthers to a 2-6 record, he has been magical along the way, while competing in many close games.

The only thing scarier than Newton in the pocket? Newton out of it.

There is no one perhaps, more thrilled with Newton’s arrival than fellow wide receiver, Steve Smith. Thought to be left for dead, and continue to straggle along in Carolina, Newton revitalized the career of the once incredible wide out. Smith has 46 grabs for 918 yards, and 4 TD’s. It should be noted, all these numbers shattered Smith’s totals from last season… already.

Back to Newton. The man can simply do it all. He has more passing TD’s than Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers, more passing yards than Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, more rushing TD’s than Michael Turner and Ray Rice, more rushing yards than Chris Johnson and Pierre Thomas, and hell, if the Panthers run a few trick plays, there’s a good chance he’ll end the season with more receiving yards than Chad Ochocinco.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t believe in Newton when he came out of Auburn and entered the NFL Draft. Soon enough, Newton made me and every expert around the country look foolish. But how exactly does he do it?

Tim Tebow is so jealous of this form, it's pure passer at it's finest

The arm. The cannon. Laserbeam? Catapult? Well, whatever it is, the thing is dangerous. Newton make’s it a habit of throwing the ball from his BACK foot, just as well as he does from his front one [Is this normal?!]. Trust me, you could scour the Tube all day for these kind of highlights. He has great touch, and can throw an impeccable deep ball.

The legs however, are ridiculous as well. Newton is HUGE, and has already tied Vince Young for most rushing TD’s by a rookie QB since the NFL merger in 1970, my guess is he breaks it, I know I’m going out on a limb here. He is tough to bring down in the backfield, and even more so when he gets a head full of steam and is barreling towards linebackers that he seems to almost dwarf. If Newton can keep it up, I see no reason as to why he won’t be named the ROTY.

AP Midseason Defensive Rookie of the Year

Von Miller, LB, Denver Broncos
26 tackles, 6 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 2 pass deflections 

For the first time in NFL history, I am predicting that for two years in a row [Sam Bradford and Ndamukong Suh, 2010], the top two picks in the NFL Draft will take home Rookie of the Year honors.

Miller is quickly becoming a leader on the Denver Defense

Miller has been top notch for his Denver Broncos defense this year. Of course, he hasn’t been effective as Newton has for Carolina, but then again, Miller has done everything asked of him and more.

The Broncos play a vaunted 3-4 defense, meaning there are three down lineman, with four linebackers. The two linebacker on the outside are usually used to rush the quarterback, and sometimes cover the runningbacks or tight ends. These big boys are usually insanely strong, but also very quick, giving them freedom to cover offensive juggernauts.

Watch out indie artists, Miller is coming for your trophy

Enter Von Miller. Not only is Miller a towering 6 foot 3, but he also comes in at only 240 pounds, which makes him extremely versatile at the snap. Miller has also done a great job making up for Elvis Dumervil, who is vastly underperforming, with only eight tackles in five games.

At this point, Miller has a clear shot at the Rookie of the Year honors, and according to his ESPN picture, he could also win hipster of the year.

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