Totally Biased NFL Picks: Week 8

Trav takes the early lead, Kris looks to bounce back in Week 8!

Well, boys and girls, that’s what you call a crazy week.
I was able to narrowly edge Kris out, winning by a single game last week. Some games went exactly as expected, like the Texans 41-7 pounding of the Titans, and the Cowboys thrashing of the St. Louis Rams.
Then, of course, there were some surprises. For example, the Browns and Seahawks playing in a complete FUCKING BARNBURNER (6-3 Cleveland victory…), and the Falcons stealing a game from Detroit, who suffered their second home loss in a row.
A couple great games this week, with New England visiting the Steelers, and the Cowboys squaring off with division rival Philadelphia. You’ll find Kris and I’s selections below, but I would pay better attention to mine, since, ya know, I was better last week.
Season Standings
Travis: 8-5
Kris: 7-6
Lock of the Week: 1-0

Travis: Houston Texans
Kris: Houston Texans
Kris: The Jaguars had a huge victory over the Baltimore Ravens and Houston is coming off a monster game against their division foes, the Tennessee Titans. Houston’s high powered offense will overcome a strong defensive performance from Jacksonville.

Travis: Baltimore Ravens
Kris: Baltimore Ravens
Trav: Baltimore completely fell apart last week against the Jaguars. The defense looked stout, but the offense couldn’t get anything going until their next to last drive, and then on their final one, collapsed yet again. I highly doubt a Harbaugh team is going to lose two weeks in a row, especially at home.

Travis: New Orleans Saints
Kris: New Orleans Saints
Kris: Do I even have to say it? Saints crushed the Colts 62-7 last week. St. Louis should expect the same.

Travis: New York Giants
Kris: New York Giants
Trav: That’s right, mofo’s, the Lock of the Week! Kris and I usually consult this pick, and bounce a few ideas off of each other, but this week I just went ahead without him. Why? Because I’m a biased douche. The Giants are coming off a bye, and lead the NFL in sacks. Miami has yet to decide who will be the starting QB. After this week, they should be trying to decide who will wear the headset.

Travis: Tennessee Titans
Kris: Tennessee Titans
Trav: Kris and I drew straws as to who would have to write this one up. I lost. This is why I’m an admin. Fuck this. Titans win, only because someone has to. Wait. Can we pick tie?

Travis: Carolina Panthers
Kris: Carolina Panthers
Trav: Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers have destroyed this secondary the last two weeks, and I think Cam Newton will continue the trend. I think the game will be far closer than some people believe, but I think Newton will collect his second win in a row.

Travis: Buffalo Bills
Kris: Buffalo Bills
Trav: After getting stomped by the Giants (note that I use the word “stomp” loosely), the Bills were able to escape back to Buffalo for their bye week. Washington once stood at 3-1, but they’ve returned to reality, and now have lost two straight. Fred Jackson already has 601 rushing yards, and is averaging almost 6 per carry. Nobody circles the wagon like… you know the deal.

Travis: Detroit Lions
Kris: Detroit Lions
Kris: Tim Tebow’s incredible comeback win wiped away the smear of his poor play during the first 3 quarters. Against a very aggressive Lions defense, Tebow has to step up his play if the Broncos want to win. The Lions are coming off 2 straight losses and need to get back on track. I got Detroit to take this one.

Travis: New England Patriots
Kris: New England Patriots
Kris: This is the game of the week, without a doubt [Editor’s Note: Totally biased statement. I love it. – Trav]. Bill Belichick’s record after a bye week is 9 – 1, on top of Tom Brady being 6-1 against the Steelers all-time. Pittsburgh, however, has cobbled together 3 straight victories, but with their offense struggling and the Patriots getting healthy again, I see this one going New England’s way.

Travis: San Francisco 49’ers
Kris: San Francisco 49’ers
Trav: If the 49’ers are as good as everyone is making them out to be, they should dispose of Cleveland, and it should be relatively easy. Consider that a challenge, younger Harbaugh.

Travis: Cincinnati Bengals
Kris: Cincinnati Bengals
Kris: I’ve picked against the Bengals far too many times this season and for Seattle just as much. Bengals win easy over the Seagulls.

Travis: Philadelphia Eagles
Kris: Dallas Cowboys
Trav: This game is as iffy as it gets. The hazard sign up there means to think twice before picking this one to your football card. Philly is a struggling team, but they’re also playing at home. Dallas and Philly always have brutal games, and this one should be no different. I think this game will come down to DeMarcus Ware and Michael Vick. I like Vick for this one.

Travis: San Diego Chargers
Kris: Kansas City Chiefs
Kris: Has anyone else noticed that Kansas City has won 3 straight games? San Diego has played inconsistent and gave away the game last week to the Jets. I’m taking KC in an upset over the Bolts.
And there we have it. I’ll probably stomp the shit out of Kris again [Again, I use the word “stomp” loosely], but make sure you check back here next week, for our Week 9 picks, and to see just how bad Kris is begging for mercy.

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