A Totally Biased Feature: Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers

A QB Comparison Piece by featured Totally Biased author Kristopher Kauffman.

In today’s NFL, the laser-guided aerial assault has dominated behind the likes of Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Chad Henne. Well, maybe not Henne. With Peyton Manning practically a vegetable and Brees doing who-the-fuck-knows-what in New Orleans, there are only two QBs that stand out above the rest in 2011: Tom Fuckin’ Brady and Aaron Rodgers. These two assholes have been tearing up the league with numbers that are off the charts. Each quarterback, Brady with his Mötley Crüe of receivers and Rodgers with his, has made opposing defenses look like Pee-Wee backups. With all that said, who is the superior field general?

Before that question can be answered, though, we have to first answer a different one: which QB is better statistically? Brady is having another ridiculous year while Rodgers is right on par. Both have led their teams to the top of their respective conference and each has at least 16 TD passes. Each has thrown for more than 2000 yards and both have 100+ quarterback ratings. They even rock the same Number 12 jersey and, not to mention, they both have pretty smoking lady friends. And that definitely counts for something. With such similarities, how does one choose between these two All-stars? Easy. You can’t, mere mortal. That’s where I, Kris, come in. So, take this candy, little boy, and follow me as I dissect these two stud quarterbacks. No Homo.

So, let’s dive into this thing head first, balls deep. We’ll start with last years Champ, Aaron Rodgers.

Sweet ‘stache, BRO!

Rodgers, 27, has been quarterbackin’ the Pack since 2008 after clipboarding it behind The Brett Farve, since 2005. The 24th overall selection took the backseat in the first 4 seasons of his career. Unlike Brady, Rodgers had an extended time keeping the bench nice and toasty. After Favre left town to pursue his career in Interceptio–I mean uh, football, Rodgers was finally given the chance to start for the Packers. The rust didn’t seem to come off in his 2008 debut season, with Green Bay finishing 6-10 with the QB’s inability to win close games. In 2009, though, the real Rodgers started to shine, throwing 30 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions. The team finished 11-5, but was ousted by the super bowl bound Arizona Cardinals.

.In 2010, Rodgers continued his success throughout the season by throwing 28 touchdowns and only 11 INTs. With #12 at the helm for the Cheeseheads, they went 10-6, earning 6th seed in the playoffs. The rest is history. Rodgers leads his team to Super Bowl XLV and propels them to a 31-25 victory over the Terrible Towel waving Pittsburgh Steelers. Numero Uno Dos threw for 304 yards and 3 touchdowns, which earned him some nice hardware, a little thing called the Super Bowl MVP Award.

Which brings us to 2011. Rodgers and company have stampeded though the first 6 games of the season, boasting a 6-0 record. Rodgers again has the stats to back up the teams record as well. With 17 aerial scores and just 3 interceptions through the first 6 games, Mr. Rodgers even has a come from behind victory under his girdle. Down 14-6 at halftime, Mr. Rodgers brought the neighborhood in the second half, throwing for 2 touchdowns and leading a comeback victory over Atlanta’s dirty birds. Rodgers in 2011 is off to a Brady-like start and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The Pack are crazy good and will no doubt win their division with little trouble.

Then there is Thomas Edward Patrick Fuckin’ Brady Jr. Known to most as TFB.

Tom Brady even throws fisticuffs.

Tom Brady. Not much else needs to be said. A 2-time league MVP and the current reigning 1st ever League MVP by Unanimous decision. A 3-time Super bowl Champion. A 2-time Super Bowl MVP, one of only two quarterbacks to accomplish that feat. He’s led the Pats to the only 16-0 regular season in history. Brady’s also a 3-time Sportsman of the Year and the 2007 Male Athlete of the Year. He can turn water to wine, his hair calls its own press conferences, he can bring puppies back to life with his smile, and he can even fly. Ok, ok, so he can’t fly.

Brady took over the reigns for then starter, Drew Bledsoe, after Bledsoe was, as Chris Tucker would have put it “knocked the FUCK OUT!” in week 2 of the 2001 season. Brady would never return the starting role to the battered Bledsoe, though. After all, he is Tom Brady. In the same season after taking over, Brady captained the Patriots to their 3rd Super Bowl appearance and their 1st ever Super Bowl victory. Brady earned MVP honors after leading a masterful 2-minute drive for the eventual game winning field goal.

Since that season, Brady has won two more Super Bowls, he’s had two perfect 10s for girlfriends, and no less than two future Hall of Fame children. Although the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 2004 season, Brady is still out for blood. He is a competitor, to say the absolute least. In 2007, Brady and his bunch went on to show off an unprecedented 16-0 perfect season. That season Brady would throw for 4,806 yards, 50 touchdowns and a dismal 8 interceptions. Breaking the record for most touchdown passes in a single season while, then teammate, Randy Moss would catch 23 of those touchdowns, also an NFL record. After crushing their opponents in the first 2 playoff games, the 18-0 Patriots marched to Arizona for Super Bowl XLII to face the New York Giants. The Patriots would go on to lose 17-14 only to become the greatest team to not win the Super Bowl. Can someone say “CONSPIRACY!?”

In 2008, Brady, still very much sour from the Super Bowl loss, suffered a season-ending knee injury. The Patriots finished 11-5 and missed the Playoffs. In 2009, Brady would bounce back to his elite quarterback status throwing 28 touchdowns and 4400 yards. The Patriots ended the season in another disappointing loss, 33-14 in the first round of the Playoffs, to the Baltimore Ravens.

Last year, Brady would have one of best statistical seasons, tossing 36 touchdowns and a minuscule 4 interceptions for the whole year, giving Tom a 111.0 Passer rating, good enough to win him the first ever Unanimous decision MVP award in NFL history. As well as the 2010 Offensive Player of the Year. Brady’s greatness seemed to rub off on his teammates because the Patriots only committed 10 turnovers the entire season and even went 7 consecutive games without comitting a turnover. However, the Patriots would be thumped from the Playoffs, again, this time by the Evil Empire New York Jets.

He even plays while sitting down.

Now, in 2011, Brady is out to prove he is still the leagues top QB. The first game into the regular season and Brady is already shattering records. Brady in Week 1 threw a whopping 517 yards and 4 touchdowns, including a record tying 99 yard TD pass to W³.

In Week 3, the Patriots would suffer their only loss of the season, so far, to the Buffalo Bills. Brady threw 4 touchdowns and built up a 21-10 lead. But with 4 INTs the Bills were able to complete a comeback to win 34-31.

In Week 6, Brady certainly didn’t have his best statistical outing of the season but did put together his most impressive drive when it counted the most, in typical Brady fashion. Down 16-13 with 2:30 to go in the 4th, Brady engineered an 80 yard drive that ended in an 8-yard touchdown to Aaron Hernandez to put the Pats up 20-16. This was Bradys  

So, finally, it once again begs the question: who’s better? Rodgers is the hot quarterback coming off an unlikely Super Bowl win. Brady is the 3-time Super Bowl champ and one of the best, ever, to play the game. Rodgers has the better statistics so far this season, but Brady is the fiercest competitor in the game. Both are stacking up large numbers and both of their teams seem playoff bound. Most would regard them not as #1 and #2, but more like #1 and #1a. Both quarterbacks have what it takes to lead their teams to the hardware. You can’t go wrong with either quarterback. But, with all that said and done, we must make a choice. The Totally Biased Best quarterback in the League is…..drum roll please!!….Tom Brady! WHOO!

TFB POWER! Even Tom Brady likes our choice!

So, there you have it. Tom Brady is the best Quarterback in the NFL. “Why Brady?” you ask? Because this is Totally Biased! What do you want from me?

Brady is a such a complete quarterback, it should probably be illegal. He can pick apart any defense he is put up against. From the Steel Curtain in Pittsburgh to Ray Lewis and the Ravens. Brady can recognize blitzes and move around in the pocket better than anyone in the game. I can’t count on all my fingers and toes and then all of YOUR fingers and toes how many times I thought Brady would get sacked only to be in awe of how he moves around the field. He gives the Patriots the best chance to win just by being on the field, and maybe there’s this other dude named “Coach” might have some to do with that, but anyways. Tom has been doing this year in and year out, besides that one year he was… ya know… injured. Although, at this point of the season, Brady is 2nd only to Rodgers statistically, we all know he can still get it done.

Week 6 was the perfect example of just how good Brady is. After going the first 3 ½ quarters with mediocre numbers, several 3-and-outs, and less than stellar drives, Brady delivered a surgical, on-point drive to win the game against the Cowboys. 2:30 on the clock and 80 yards to go may as well have been an entire quarter and 1st and goal. With that much time and Brady at the helm, what did you think was going to happen? Brady marched down the field almost effortlessly, dumping the ball for a first down hither and thither, only encountering 3rd down once and converting it himself with a QB sneak. Then, on second and goal, noticing the double team on Welker and Gronkowski, Tommy lasered the ball to Hernandez for the 8-yard game winner. There was little to no doubt in my mind that he would get the job done when the money was on the line. And by “money,” I mean game. But also the money.

Take nothing away from Aaron Rodgers, but when you’re up against Tom Brady, there is just no comparison. One can only hope that these two elite quarterbacks will meet in the Big Game in February. That could be the only way to really tell who is the REAL Super Powered QB of the league. Or you could just take my word for it.

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