The First Post

Mark it down on ya mothafuckin’ calendar ladies and gentlemen.

The first post ever on Totally Biased. If I wasn’t a broke college kid, I’d pop a bottle of bubbly. Unfortunately, my Nana is giving me a ride home in 39 minutes, so there isn’t nearly enough time for that. Hey, at least you know I’m honest from the get go.

Basically, if you click on the tab up there that says “About”, you’ll really understand the monumental posts that you will read day in and day out. This one however, is basically a bunch of bull shit. Just testing out, making sure I know what the hell I’m doing before we start posting the more important stuff.

Notice I throw in the word “more”, because it’s better you know now, nothing you read here will bear any importance on your life whatsoever.

I guess that about wraps it up. Oh, one more thing. I’m hoping to add some tabs up there later on, that will separate our posts into categories like Sports, Music, Food, Reviews, and a ton of other crap we’re going to be spouting off about. Just remember, this post might end up being history one day.

But probably not.

One Response to “The First Post”
  1. Vivian says:

    Nicely said……

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