A Totally Biased Review: The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Despite a handful of stumbles, this sequel more than lives up to its predecessor We knew it was coming before the first one was even out. After the hullabaloo leading up to the original Avengers flick, it was more than apparent Marvel wasn’t going anywhere. They’re a runaway locomotive. And ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ the train … Continue reading

Fast Five: The Next Batch of Super Hero Stars

Today’s topic: With a boat load of super-hero movies headed our way in the next few years, and the impending announcement of who will star as the next Spider-Man, it’s time to take a look at the five actors who will be going under the mask over the next few years. 5. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool … Continue reading

Fast Five: Who Won February?

A new article format debuting today, Travis hits us with some quick hits, ranging from topics in pop culture like movies, music, television, interpretive dance, competitive kayaking, and sorcery… but usually just those first three. Today’s Topic: Who won the month of February? 5. Better Call Saul Well, five episodes in and AMC’s Breaking Bad … Continue reading

11-for-11: The Quest For Post-Season Perfection – Wild Card Weekend

The playoffs are about to be in full swing, and it’s time to see who’s worth their weight in Swami-gold. I’ve traveled far, and I’ve searched wide (went through my recent Facebook conversations… Don’t judge me), and I’ve put together eleven of the games biggest fans, and challenged them to do the unthinkable: Conquer the … Continue reading